Wine Review: Pourriture Noble 02: Notorious Pink’s Grenache Rosé


The Noble Rot: a botrytis fungus (Botrytis cinerea) that infects various usually overripe wine grapes causing shriveling which results in increased sugar and flavor content and is responsible for the characteristic flavor of sauternes and related wines. [Merriam-Webster]

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My dad got this bottle of Notorious Pink (no Biggie remarks ahead) from one of his work buddies and we did right by the spirit of gift-giving and receiving and popped the nifty glass topper this past Christmas morning after having it rest in the fridge for a few days.

I’ve long held a hatred for rosés and “pink” wines based on a terrible evening suffered during the summer of 2005 in which penniless and thirsty I succumbed to the nastiness known as “white zinfandel” which happened to be in my fridge. I understand that having drank those two bottles on an empty stomach was entirely my lack of judgment but the relationship between the color and the liters of bile that I expelled that eve have been cemented by the finest of psychological masons.

But I wasn’t about to deny the old man in a shared drink so I figured I’d have a sip and recuse myself to something a little redder or white – certainly not in-between.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised! This French rosé, made with the delightful Grenache grape is a memory killer. Fresh, crisp and not enough of it in the bottle! It’s got a nice floral bouquet but the flavors are juicy and devoid of the usual dryness French pinks are known to have. So thoroughly did we enjoy this bottle that I can’t say we ever had the chance to rest it in ice or return it to the fridge, it goes down quickly and smoothly and with nary a pinch of nasty alcoholickyness to mar its flavors.

I think I’ll be looking at pinks now with a little less trepidation.

Notorious Pink – Grenache Rosé

General Notes: Fruity and wet, buy two bottles because when you share, you’ll run out a little faster than you’d like.

Open: Cool it thoroughly, it’s a great quencher of thirst. Chill your glasses for a few minutes before pour, perfect for hot days without the dreaded post-drink headaches.

Pairing: We drank this with some strong Spanish cheeses and the flavors didn’t compete. This lady stands well against oily foods as I judge by this – we never had a chance to drink her against anything else.

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