2014 NFL Season Preview

With the start of the 2015 NFL season right around the corner I wanted to give you a quick preview of all 32 teams.

Arizona Cardinals – Last Season (10-6)

The Cardinals have benefitted from picking up Carson Palmer last season. With the offensive line upgraded in the offseason I expect Carson Palmer to have a slightly better season. My prediction for the upcoming season is 11-5.

Atlanta Falcons – Last Season (4-12)

After one of the most surprising seasons last year in the NFL the Falcons are looking to rebound. After not picking up any major offensive or defensive players I believe they will have more wins, I just don’t believe they will have a winning season. My prediction for the upcoming season is 7-9.

Baltimore Ravens – Last Season (8-8)

Baltimore hopes to bounce back to the playoff spotlight after a disappointing 2013 season. Drafting three defensive players in this year’s past draft the Ravens are looking to awake their defensive presence. On the offensive side as long as Steve Smith/Joe Flacco connection can regularly be made I believe the Ravens will go 10-6 this season.

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jeremy Butler (17) carries against New Orleans Saints defensive back Brian Dixon (44) and defensive back Pierre Warren (42). (Photo credit: http://www.nfl.com/photos)

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jeremy Butler (17) carries against New Orleans Saints defensive back Brian Dixon (44) and defensive back Pierre Warren (42). (Photo credit: http://www.nfl.com/photos)

Buffalo Bills – Last Season (6-10)

There was a lot of hope going into the start of last season with the addition of rookie EJ Manuel. After an injury plagued season they managed to have another sub par season. With no major offensive or defensive upgrades my prediction for the Bills is 7-9 for the upcoming season.

Carolina Panthers – Last Season (12-4)

The Panthers had a spectacular 2013 season that took them to the Divisional Playoffs. But in the offseason they lost several key players including long time wide out Steve Smith. On top of losing key players and adding a tough schedule I’m not sure they can even come close to having the same kind of season as last year. My prediction for the upcoming season is 4-12.

Chicago Bears – Last Season (8-8)

Last season ‘da Bears could barely, pun intended, believe the offense that they had. Even after Jay Cutler went down with injuries and was replaced with Josh McCown the Bears offense kept going. With an upgraded offensive line and new defensive players my prediction for the Bears this upcoming season is 11-5. If they can stay healthy they can definitely contend with the Packers for the NFC North.

Cincinnati Bengals – Last Season (11-5)

The Bengals had a phenomenal 2013 season winning the AFC North. With the Bengals in top shape the AFC North has become one of the best divisions to watch because of all the talent there. The only knock to last season is Andy Dalton in the playoffs. He’ll be under scrutiny this season for not being in regular form in the past postseason. This is the year to show he can be the franchise quarterback for Cincinnati or he’ll be gone by next season, because this is a contract year for him. My prediction for the upcoming season is 10-6.

Cleveland Browns – Last Season (4-12)

The Browns are hoping that their latest offensive additions are enough to get them out of the winning slump that they always seem to be in. Their latest notable pickups include Miles Austin, Andrew Hawkins, Ben Tate and Johnny Manziel. My prediction for the upcoming season is 4-12.

Dallas Cowboys – Last Season (8-8)

After the third straight season of going 8-8 the Cowboys seem to be stuck in a rut. Tony Romo always seems to be facing rumors of keeping his job even though last season he took the Cowboys to the playoffs but couldn’t finish. While losing offensive weapon and wide receiver Miles Austin I believe it’ll be even harder for Romo to put up those numbers that took his team to the playoffs. My prediction for the upcoming season is 7-9.

Denver Broncos – Last Season (13-3)

Many were surprised by how well the Broncos marched up and down the field last season. After losing a couple of offensive weapons, Knowshon Moreno and Eric Decker, I still believe they will be one of the few dominant teams in the AFC. My prediction for the upcoming season is 12-4.

Detroit Lions – Last Season (7-9)

Last season was lackluster for the Lions. They had numerous opportunities but couldn’t produce. With arguably the best wide receiver in the game, I expect Megatron, Calvin Johnson, to do big things this season. The major update to watch will be the Lions switching to a 3-4 defense from a 4-3. If that works out I picture them going 9-7 this season.

Green Bay Packers – Last Season (8-7-1)

The Packers missed Aaron Rodgers for half of last season but still managed to win the NFC North. If Rodgers can stay healthy the whole season I believe Green Bay will be contenders for not just the NFC North but the whole kit and caboodle. My prediction for the Packers upcoming season is 12-4.

Houston Texans – Last Season (2-14)

Last season the Texans tied their worst season in franchise history, which isn’t surprising considering how Matt Schaub played, even though they have Adrian Foster and Andre Johnson. With Schaub off the team my prediction for the upcoming season is 4-12.

Indianapolis Colts – Last Season (11-5)

The Colts are expecting Andrew Luck to have a big season with Reggie Wayne coming back from an injury and T.Y. Hilton backing him up. And adding to this offensive trio is the addition of wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. My prediction for the upcoming season is to repeat 11-5.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Last Season (4-12)

The Jaguars have had a tough time bringing in franchise type players. And it seems like the trend will continue with the loss of Maurice Jones-Drew. Without replacing him I don’t see the Jaguars having a better season than last. My prediction for the upcoming season is 2-14.

Kansas City Chiefs – Last Season (11-5)

Last season the Chiefs lost by one point to the Broncos in the AFC Wild Card game. They had seized every opportunity to advance to the postseason by winning the majority of their easy schedule. With a very much tougher schedule this year my prediction for their upcoming season is 9-6.

Miami Dolphins – Last Season (8-8)

Long gone are the days when 12-4 seasons under Dave Wannstedt and Jay Fiedler were considered unproductive. With respect to the last few years a season with 8 wins is now considered a non-bust. This season will be a deciding year for Coach Philbin to show if he can take control of his team after the debacle of last season. With an offensive pick up in running back Knowshon Moreno and defensive player Earl Mitchell and Cortland Finnegan my prediction for the upcoming season is 9-7.

Minnesota Vikings – Last Season (5-10-1)

The Vikings offense is looking to take over this season with, in my opinion, the best running back in the game, Adrian Peterson. The Vikings acquired rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in this year’s draft with hopes that his offensive prowess and Peterson’s abilities the Vikings will be able to put up big numbers this season. My prediction for the upcoming season is 8-8.

New England Patriots – Last Season (12-4)

It seems that as long as there is Tom Brady commanding the offense and Coach Belichick running everything else behind the scenes the Patriots can’t lose. And to bolster their defense the Pats have signed cornerback Darrelle Revis. As long as Gronk can stay healthy I expect them to again win the AFC East division with a record of 13-3.

New Orleans Saints – Last Season (11-5)

The Saints continue to have winning seasons as long as Drew Brees is able to play. And with a newly signed contract for Jimmy Graham I picture the Saints’ offense will continue to look like a juggernaut. I believe New Orleans will have another great season and go 12-4.

New York Giants – Last Season (7-9)

The Giants had one of their most disappointing seasons in recent years after having made it to the Super Bowl a couple times in the past few years. What made it worse was that Eli Manning had his worst season to date. My prediction for the upcoming season is 7-9. I don’t see the Giants having a different style season due to the lack of major player upgrades in the offseason.

New York Jets – Last Season (8-8)

The J…E…T…S… Jets Jets Jets have one of the weakest rosters in the league last season. The Jets tend to bolster their roster by adding high profile names in the past like Brett Favre, Plaxico Burress, Tim Tebow and now Michael Vick. With it appearing that Geno Smith will be the starter over Vick and with no major player upgrades I believe the upcoming season for the Jets will put them at 6-10.

Oakland Raiders – Last Season (4-12)

Oakland spent this past offseason picking up aged veterans like Matt Schaub, Maurice Jones-Drew, James Jones and Justin Tuck. With that being said I don’t expect them to do much better this season after factoring their tough schedule. My prediction for the upcoming season is 5-11.

Philadelphia Eagles – Last Season (10-6)

One of the most surprising teams last season was the Eagles. Chip Kelly’s offense seemed to work no matter who captained it. When Michael Vick went down Nick Foles managed to easily keep the engine going. The Eagles play in a weak division so they should still have a good season even after losing offensive star DeSean Jackson. My prediction for the upcoming season is 11-5.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Last Season (8-8)

Following a disappointing season where Pittsburgh didn’t make the playoffs, the Steelers look to rebound back to their dominance of the AFC North. With a relatively easy schedule where their toughest opponents must go play at Pittsburgh my prediction for the upcoming season is 10-6.

San Diego Chargers – Last Season (9-7)

After no major updates on either side of the ball the Chargers are still hoping to sneak back into the playoffs this season. This season San Diego has a more difficult schedule and is hoping that they can play better to at least maintain last year’s results. My prediction for the upcoming season is 9-7.

San Francisco 49ers – Last Season (12-4)

The 49ers are disappointed in their last season even after going 12-4. They are hoping to exact revenge on the reigning Super Bowl and divisional opponent the Seattle Seahawks. With offensive upgrades and quarterback Colin Kaepernick looking to have a better season than last, my prediction for the upcoming season is 13-3.


San Francisco 49ers' Bruce Ellington (3) dives past Houston Texans' Brandon Harris (26) for a touchdown. (Photo credit: http://www.nfl.com/photos)

San Francisco 49ers’ Bruce Ellington (3) dives past Houston Texans’ Brandon Harris (26) for a touchdown. (Photo credit: http://www.nfl.com/photos)

Seattle Seahawks – Last Season (13-3)

The Seahawks had the season that every team sets out for, winning the Super Bowl. Looking to repeat this season won’t be as easy to do even after losing some of the depth on their roster, including Golden Tate, Breno Giacomini, Chris Clemons and Red Bryant. Even with losing those players Seattle should still be competitive. My prediction for their upcoming season is 11-5.

St. Louis Rams – Last Season (7-9)

The Rams look like they are finally on the right path. With an average of 10 losses a season for the past 10 seasons I believe that St. Louis will continue to move up the wins column if Sam Bradford can stay healthy and in the game. My prediction for the upcoming season is 9-7.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Last Season (4-12)

After last year’s troubles it seems that the Bucs are a new team. After a few major pickups including coach Lovie Smith and quarterback Josh McCown things are looking better but I still don’t believe the Bucs will get to the playoffs this season. I expect them to go 7-9.

Tennessee Titans – Last Season (7-9)

After losing running back Chris Johnson this offseason it would seem that the Titans would have tried to fill the void that he left. Even though he had not been in his best form the past couple of seasons Tennessee has decided to go with an untested rookie. My prediction for the upcoming season is 7-9.

Washington Redskins – Last Season (3-13)

After Robert Griffin III’s first season back after knee surgery it is now clear that he should’ve taken more time to come back. With that being said I believe they should have a far more productive season, especially after acquiring DeSean Jackson from the Eagles. My prediction for the upcoming season is 8-8.

When all is said and done, I predict San Francisco in the NFC Championship game against New Orleans, with the 49ers going to the big dance. Out of the AFC I predict Denver beating out New England in the AFC Championship game. In the Super Bowl, this upcoming season in Arizona, I see the 49ers slightly edging out Denver.

Super Bowl XLIX Logo (Photo Credit: http://boards.sportslogos.net)

Super Bowl XLIX Logo (Photo Credit: http://boards.sportslogos.net)

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