EVENT: “30 Days of Rock” Brings Musicians & Strangers Together in Miami

Miami's punk rock savior? Emmanuel Nanni a.k.a Gordo

Emmanuel Nanni, also known as Gordo. (photo: Facebook.com)

What started as an impromptu 2012 Facebook request asking people to submit their names and be randomly connected with other musicians, start bands and perform in one month has resulted in an avant-garde experiment of gargantuan proportions. Now in its third year, 30 Days of Rock was started by local musician Emmanuel Nanni and fellow bandmates when they noticed a downturn in new bands coming out of Miami.

“I love this scene and I love the diversity and variety,” says Nanni, known to friends and locals as Gordo. “Last year was the second time we did it because we felt Miami needed new bands.”

The more I talked to Nanni, the more he displayed his fanatic appreciation for the Miami music scene. He’s fully invested in making the music scene a better one.

“People that go to shows really appreciate when bands drive all the way down to Miami, and that makes me want keep going and do more stuff for the scene,” he said. “Just like me, there’s plenty of people that love being involved in it as well. Doesn’t matter if it’s a metal head or a street rock and roller, there will be a band you’ll love at any Miami show.”

The plethora of musicians playing this event is, putting it mildly, spectacular.


Here’s the breakdown of bands playing and the musicians involved.

Penelope and the Power Strip Girls are Dirk Brandon, Cristina Barros, Ishdent Arrigantz, Gordo.

**Performing with no name** Cockeye Jhon, Chris Bell, Ronnie Roman, Jesus Hernandez.

Tindergarden are Chris Dougnag, Jose Garz, Malcolm Lauredo, Nickels de Saint.

Zooted are Anthony Perez, Gabriel Norwood, Karson Kutz, Adam Cass.

**Performing with no name** Richard Buznego, Renee Maza, Greg Alvarez, Adriano Dilorenzo.

(serious shit) are Abdeel Capote, Didi Aragon, Spaz, Andrew Mclees.

 Collywobbles are Karen Ramirez, Ale Campos.

D. Pinga are Lix Daniela, Danny Euceda, Mariel Zayas, Lauren Palma, KC Tomil.

**Performing with no name** Ryan Carmody, Alex Nunez, Luis Guifarro, Jon Wirth.

MEDS are Sinisa Kukec, Eric Guitian, Michael Allen, Dick Shitstain.

Cara are Davin Sosa, Shawna Shots, Peter Allen, Jonah Silverstein.

Stoned Slut are Niuvis Martin, Bogdan Anderkok, JP Aristizabal, Bernardo Linares.

Black Enchilada are Eric Faden, Manny Gomez, Beatriz Monteavaro, Ernie Quincosa.

**Performing with no name** Gavin Perry, Jayan Bertrand, Anthony Alvarez.

CANCELLED **Performing with no name** Jorge Marrero, Rene Fernandez Jake Fein, Chris Escobar.

You can catch the theatrics that brought together a whopping 56 people to form 14 bands this Sunday, October 12 at Churchill’s Pub. The show starts at 7 p.m. and the cover is just $3 at the door.  Click HERE for more information.


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