5 New Records That You Need To Jump On Now

Sapin – Wrong Way


Ever wonder what garage country surf from France sounds like? Well ponder no more dear friends, Sapin is here to blow your fucking mind with an overabundance of prodigious sounds. A really fun record.

Top tracks: “Get out of my dreams” , “White Bikini”, “Sugar in My Coffee”


What Moon Things – Self-Titled


The soundscape that What Moon Things produces on their debut record is nothing short of brilliant. It’s one of those mindboggling records that I believe will be considered timeless. What’s even better is that the band pulls it off without a hitch, nor a fuck given.

Top tracks: “Squirrel Girl” , “Doesn’t Make Much Sense”



Zen Mystery Fogg – Self-Titled 7”


Garagey shoegaze in the vein of early Flaming Lips meets a bummed out Polaris (yeah that band that played ‘90s cult classic Nickelodeon TV series Pete & Pete song). Fuck you Vancouver for having a band this luminous playing in your town like it’s nobody’s business.

Top tracks: “Because of You”, “Ian on the Wall”


Josephine & The Artizans – Dies Irae


I hadn’t heard of the music genre “Hip-Hopera” until now. Josephine & The Artizans really have something amazing going for them mashing opera, rap, rocksteady, metal & strings. I hope this spreads like wild fire and makes people think about genre mashing in a cerebral way. Smart, hip and totally genuine. The production on Dies Irae is tops.

Top tracks: “Carpe Diem”, “Lacrymosa”


The Longshots – Self-Titled


Fort Worth’s The Longshots’ self-titled LP starts off with a dirty guitar riff and a screeching scream. The rest of the record doesn’t divert to far from the opening proving that Rock ‘n’ Roll is alive and well in Texas. The album is chuck full of twang and lo-fi guitar leads but this freight train of an album is relentless.

Top tracks: “Too High For West 7th”, “Back to the Rio Grande”

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Chuck Livid

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