6 Pumpkin Beers You Need To Drink This Fall

It’s getting to that time of year, one of my favorite times as a craft beer drinker, Pumpkin Season! Now to those unbaptized in the craft beer customs please don’t make that face and think to yourselves, “A pumpkin beer!?!”

Yes, pumpkin beers are coming and they are delicious!  With known brands like Samuel Adams, Southern Tier and Dogfish Head there are many, many more breweries producing these delicious drinks. The only unfortunate thing about them is that they tend to be seasonal and the best ones are not easily obtained.

To begin, these beers tend to be ales, which are dark in color and have a malty taste.  These are not your yellow summer beers, like wheat and/or pilsners.  And they tend to be loaded with spices including but not limited to cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and allspice.  Due to the spices the beers tend to be on the sweeter side and not bitter like IPAs.

Some of the pumpkin beers you need to try:

1.  Southern Tier Pumking – This is the standard by which most people judge pumpkin ales.  It is by far the best and easiest obtainable pumpkin ale.

2.  Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale – A harder to find beer, tastes similar to Pumking.

3.  Cigar City Good Gourd – This is by far my favorite pumpkin ale and is also in my top five favorites of all time.  This is a rare beer to find sitting on your local liquor store shelves, even though this is brewed in Tampa.

4.  Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale – Pumpkinhead is another easy to find pumpkin ale, even more so than Pumking.  This is a good and easy beer to start with, but in many an opinion not as good as Pumking.

5.  Dogfish Head Punkin Ale – Punkin is the pumpkin ale that started my pumpkin journey.  This beer can be found at your local liquor store but it won’t last for very long.  Punkin Ale happens to be one of the first beers brewed by Dogfish Head.

6.  Cigar City Good Gourd Almighty – Good Gourd Almighty is essentially Good Gourd but aged in rum barrels. This is an even rarer bottle to find but boy is it worth it!


So as the temperatures begin to fall, fill your glass with one, or all, of these ales.  Cheers!

Two bottles of Cigar City’s Good Gourd

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