8 Best Things About Tate’s Comics


8. I have NEVER been to Tate’s and not found what I was looking for. Seriously if it exists they’ve got it.



7. Employees at comic book stores are not always the easiest or nicest of folks to deal with. Lucky for you the staff at Tate’s are courteous and surprisingly patient no matter how stupid your question is. You can even call them Zen like. I have no idea how they do it.


6. When my uncle was 8 years old he wanted a Millennium Falcon for Christmas. Xmas morning of ’79 my uncle runs to the lit tree and sees a huge wrapped box. Super stoked he tears off the wrapping paper and unveils Nasa’s space shuttle – needless to say childhood totally ruined. A few years ago my family did right by my uncle and purchased that 1979 Millennium Falcon still in the box and we bought it at Tate’s Comics. Today my uncle is a functional part of society. Point of this story? They’ve got massive amounts of Star Wars stuff.


5. If money were not an object I would own all of the statues that Tate’s has for sale. Unfortunately I only have $17 in my checking account. 


4. They label key back issues! Wow what a concept! I take it for granted now but when I first saw the labels I asked myself why don’t other stores do this?! 


3.They have an art gallery! Bear and Bird (upstairs at their Lauderhill location) always has rad local indie artist shows. Pretty much like 80% of the art in my crib comes from there. No joke.


2. That’s me with iconic comic book illustrator & writer George Perez. Out of all my comic book collecting days this by far was my happiest and guess what? This was a free event just like all the other events Tate’s throws every year – Free Comic Book Day, Star Wars Family Fun Day, Meet & Greet!, Park & Swap, Japanese Snack Tastings, gallery shows, artist / writer signings and many, many more. 15293532358_6826285c58_b

1. Kids love Tate’s! Take your kid, niece, nephew, cousin or sibling! It’s always a good time!


Tate’s Comics has two locations.


TATE’S Comics + Toys + More
“Main Headquarters”
4566 North University Dr.
Lauderhill, Florida 33351


TATE’S Comics + Toys + More
801 North Congress Ave., Ste 604
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

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