A Real Blazer Bro – A Conversation with Xavier Morse of theblazerbros.com

Welcome back, all. In our last piece, we talked about a jacket made be a small clothing company called the Blazer Bros. I had a lot of fun doing this review of such a fun jacket. So, while I was thanking the Bros for the opportunity to try on one of their jackets, I thought I’d pick the brain of head Blazer Bro Xavier Morse.

Here’s what we talked about.

TuffGnarl: what made you guys go into business?
Xavier Morse: I’ll start here. I’m a rising senior at Vanderbilt University and my best friend from high school is a senior at Georgetown. At both of our schools, it’s pretty much mandatory to own a funky blazer. Whether for an SEC football tailgate in Nashville, or a day party in Georgetown, we were seeing that people our age were getting outrageous blazers. For some it’s a legitimate fashion statement while others are trying to be ironic in formal settings. The issue was that there’s no place to get an awesome blazer for a good price, other than a thrift shop. So that’s where the idea started and is the reason we focus on the outrageous over standard black/blue/tan as well as maintaining a low price point.

What’s your best seller?

The Phil F**kin’ Mickelson is easily the best seller. Especially around the time of The Masters, everyone wanted their own green jacket. My personal favorites are the new plaids. They’re pretty funky but are versatile enough to be worn to just about anything.

Is wearing a blazer a popular thing in your neck of the woods?

As I mentioned before it has been somewhat of a trend on college campuses. Tailgates, day parties, fraternity formals, etc., are good reason to throw on your most outrageous get-up.

Do you have any tips or tricks for the guys just starting out with a blazer or sport jacket?

Just have fun with it – especially if its a Blazer Bros original. We want people to have a good time in our blazers. We want them to be worn to The Kentucky Derby, tailgates, happy-hours, over serious formal events. So our words of advice would be to not take yourself too seriously, throw on a funky blazer and see where the road takes you.

Would you ever do a navy, black, or tan blazer?

We initially started with the mantra ‘the funkier the better’. As mentioned above we’ve focused on the outrageous over black/blue/tan for now but that is certainly something we’re looking to do moving forward. We have received endless emails through the website about this. It turns out that so many people want a nice looking, standard colored blazer without having to break the bank at a department store or specialist. This especially applies to college students – a significant target market for us.

Why have you used cotton (instead of the more traditional worsted wool) to make your garments?

It’s great value, looks good, and is relatively more durable than most other fabric types. When these blazers are being worn to tailgates or horse races, they need to be able to survive the elements, and I think cotton gives them the best chance to do so.

Who inspires your designs?

We take some input from our fraternities on the most outrageous styles. Other than that, we do of the designs ourselves given a wide range of fabric swatches. We keep the cuts relatively standard but switch up the fabric style and mesh interior style.

I’ve experienced my life being better in a blazer, can you explain this credo to our readers?

Well this again goes back to the fact that these blazers are being used to party in rather than be formal in for the most part. At the end of the day people enjoy getting dressed up and looking good. And now, as we are learning, people enjoy looking formal while to creating a unique, funky, even outrageous looks. This trend is placing an ironic twist on traditional formalities and is the reason we have been so successful from early in operations.

What’s your favorite blazer? Does it have a story?

My favorite blazer hasn’t been released yet. It is an American flag blazer that we hope to release the week of July 4th. Just about any American male would love to wear one of them to a 4th of July party. It’s going to be awesome so look out for that.

Anything else you’d like to add?

One thing I wanted to touch upon was our customer service. The company is essentially run by two guys with a bunch of part-time help staff. I’m the CEO but I still get emails to my phone every time someone uses the contact box on the website. So if people are asking questions on the website, they’ll be answered in real time and in a helpful manner by someone who knows every in and out of the business. By being a small yet energetic business, we have been able to offer outstanding customer service. This is something we are extremely proud of and work hard to establish a strong reputation so that customers are more likely to spread the word.

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