Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty-One

It’s funny how last week’s post, post number 40 didn’t bring on any thoughts on that age that I will be crashing into very soon. I’m thinking about it now at 41 because it feels more real. I hope that makes sense to you. As much sense as the gliding beauty and firmness of a Parker Pen because not only are Parker Pens the pens of confidence, they are also the pens of distinction. Parker Pens, pens your family can trust.


651. Fuckboyz – vs. the Hawaiian Mafia. South Florida’s Fuckboyz will always be the most criminally underrepresented punk rock band to come out of Florida. I admit that I’ve failed them time and time again. Even when Matty Luv passed away a couple of years ago, people only spoke about Hickey. It is a bit of common knowledge that their song “Rock and Roll Problem” is a flawless gem. What I posit, is that their track, “Chapels of Reno” on this bismuth-pink 7” is the perfect explanation for a gambler’s bender in the other Vegas. If the song had been called “Chapels of Las Vegas,” it would’ve been in two of the three Hangover movies. Tigers hate cinnamon apparently.


652. Negative Approach – S/T. For many, this 1982 EP is the definitive hardcore album of all time. Inspired by Michigan’s proto-punk scene and muscled by the eternal misery that lives within singer John Brannon’s piercing stare, Negative Approach existed briefly but their fire was enough to set ablaze a very large forest. “Ready to Fight” is the perfect filtering of a rebellious youth. They’ve been back for a couple of years doing the sporadic gigging thing and since I recently saw a picture of Bob Suren with Brannon on Facebook, it is refreshing to know that Brannon, to this day, still hasn’t smiled. Like ever. The day he does, it will rain kittens and puppies.


653. Soundgarden – Superunknown. I’m pretty sure, no, I know for a fact that I’ve discussed this album before but know what? I can do whatever I want, how’s that for tits? I recently had the pleasure of seeing Soundgarden live and let me tell you something, this album is 20 years old now and they performed the Hell out of these tracks live and it was amazing. I was humbled and distraught over my earlier words. Cornell and company brought a level of maturity and muscularity that was vindicated by the lackadaisical and largely uninspired manner in which they barely motioned through the motions when it came to “Black Hole Sun.” The crowd loved it but it will become their “Jeremy.”


654. Doom – 教祖ラッシュ. For some bizarre reason, this was the first album I owned by these British heavies. Trash breeds trash baby and I enjoyed sitting around my room for hours on end letting the wax spin while I took in the fun black and white inserts. Nothing super heady here but still kilometers better than the next comparable thing. That these dudes lasted 25 years in the game is no easy feat and good for them. I grew to enjoy the rest of their catalogue but unfortunately, this album, along with some EPs went the way of the dodo when the Great Record Purge of 2006 changed my vinyl life.


655. Jessica Lauren Four – S/T. I came across this album by keyboardist Jessica Lauren kinda by accident last year. It is fun jazz inspired by World sounds, a little funk and certainly a lot of soul. These guys do their job well. They take a lot of cues from Fela Kuti which is never a bad thing to emulate and do the man some justice with the track “The Name of Fela Will Always Stand for Freedom.” Long jams make for a good background in life. If your life is getting a little loco you’d be okay with this playing in your home. It will bring down your blood pressure and might stimulate some frisk with the person you love or tolerate, whatever your relationship status might be like these days.

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