Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Thirty-Eight

As much as I would like to be able to wipe my feet on the rhythm rug today, the truth is that I have a lot, and I mean a lot of withdrawal symptoms raging through me now that the Cup is gone. And I know, big blah blah blah there; with plenty of leagues to keep me busy and some exciting action going down in the post-Cup summer transfer like the current purchases by La Liga heavyweights Barcelona and Real Madrid making waves there should be plenty to keep me occupied.

But it’s just not sinking in for some reason. Oh well, maybe pop music can help me now.


636. KISS – Creatures of the Night. I’ve never been a big KISS fan. I like their songs but I’ve never felt the need to cover my face in grease paint and jump on the glam metal kabuki train with these guys. This album, their tenth, was a return to the hard rock that had made them and features drummer Eric “The Fox” Carr who had a nice run with the band until the cancer ate him. Sucks. I recently had the chance of catching these guys live and they put on a great show. Lots of fun, plenty of theatrics and they played “War Machine,” my favorite KISS song.


637. Def Leppard – Hysteria. Not only did I recently see KISS live, I saw them share the bill with this long-running British outfit. Their drummer, Rick Allen, had more Union Jacks on him that I cared to count but it was funny to do a little compare and contrast after both bands performed and I guess I realized how technical these guys can be and how it is a shame the ‘80s ruined them for further exploration. I remember having this album on tape and thoroughly enjoying it with my brother Dan back in the day.


638. Crass – The Feeding of the 5000. I don’t know why this album just popped into my mind. Maybe because this ’78 punk gem is one of their more approachable slabs? I don’t know, I’ve never felt like I’ve been owed a living but then again I’ve never had to deal with Margaret Thatcher outside of a purely lysergic and alcohol fueled feverish dream that involved but was never particularly held to the idea of pants removal and the revamping of the dole queues. Or popping on down to the chemist’s for a box of johnnies and an ice cold Vimto. Which is delicious and refreshing on any day.


639. Neon Hearts – ”Venus Eccentric!” / “Regulations”. This a great little 7”. Excellent power pop that drives it beyond some of the crap that was coming out of Britain in ’77 that wanted to cash in on the whole punk thing. I think these guys went on to release a couple more singles and an LP by ’79 that bordered more on the coming New Wave monsoon and promptly imploded into other interests. That’s a shame. They could’ve been contenders.


640. Harry Belafonte – Loving You is Where I Belong. I was under this weird impression and actually had to pause my typing to Google it, that Harry Belafonte had kicked the bucket. Now I feel like an asshole because homeboy is alive and apparently doing okay at 87 years of age. I’ve been doing shit like that recently… my dad will mention a relative and I’ll inquire as to what year they expired just to be told that no, they are in fact alive and doing well. What is it with me? Is footie’s biggest stage gone for another four years really affecting me that much? I’m losing it man. I’m losing it! Oh yeah, Harry might belong loving you but this album belongs in your shelf.

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