Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Thirty-Nine

Hello. It’s Sunday. I took the morning off. Oh well.


641. Rhythm Collision – Pressure. I can’t think of a better example of what pop punk was in the ‘90s than this criminally underrated band’s debut album, Pressure. I had the pleasure of seeing them live in ’94 and they were nothing short of amazing. 20 years later, I still find incredible joy in listening to this disc. I can’t think of any specific reason as to why these guys didn’t get bigger; they had plenty of releases and toured with some degree of consistency. They were on Dr. Strange Records too. Oh well. It must be akin to this feeling I get whenever I sit down to type my recollections… no one gives a fuck. Wait, here we have another instance of 4000 album déjà vu. In any case, there’s a CD that compiles this album with their follow-up Now which is them taking a champion racing horse and outfitting it with rockets for the Kentucky Derby.


642. The Cat – ”Tongue Tied” / “Red Dwarf Theme”. I’m a big fan of British situation comedies. I also enjoy the science fiction genre. I am a big fan of not taking things too seriously like life and diabetes and infancy mortality rates in developing nations. Which I guess either makes me incredibly flip or a complete asshole. The verdict’s not entirely out on that one and please don’t clog the digital hallway trying to opine. I know what I am. I also know that Red Dwarf is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. You know chicken vindaloo is good if the Ramones deign it worthy of their post-modern lyricism. This single, which tied-in to the program was a musical vehicle for star Danny John-Jules whose Cat character was the reverse deus ex machina/Lebowski rug of the series. Cheesy fun dedicated to all the smegheads of the world.


643. Yes – Close to the Edge. Say what you wanna say about Yes. Maybe you don’t like things that are technical and/or progressive. Maybe you don’t like things that are good, maybe you don’t like bubble letters. I can’t help you. Comprised of three tracks totaling 36 minutes, this is one of those albums you can let play in the background of your life and all will be well in the kingdom. Soft, edgy, philosophic, an anthropomorphized dream that crawls out of something wet and makes a skirt sway in the wind; this disc might not be the Yes go-to album that immediately comes to mind but I’ve always gotten a satisfied kick out of the title track. I think you would too if you could only learn to close your eyes and breathe.


644. Space Needle – The Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle. More proggy stuff to think about here this time from the short lived Space Needle out of Rhode Island. Artsy, experimental, certainly prog rock with a heavy space/artsy twist it sometimes feels like these dudes threw in the towel too soon. I have a sneaking suspicion that they could’ve been responsible for a handful of interesting albums if they had not decided to seek alternative routes after disbanding in ’97. I’m sure they felt like it was a good idea. I’m more inclined to go with the state’s motto and just hope I never have to wonder as to where the fuck my wallet has gone.


645. 2Pac – 2Pacalypse Now. For many years I have been an adamant hater of 2Pac and all things Shakur. Were my reasons real? Now that I’ve had approximately 18 years to reflect after his death, the answer is no. My reasoning was not real. I know now why I have not given this “poet” the time of day. His eyes. There’s something about his eyes that always turned me away from his work. And I’m not going to say anything clever like I felt a demonic presence within him that upset me because that would be a load of quasi-religious bullshit. No. There was a sadness there that didn’t betray his impending doom but rather gave me a feeling that his music would be a completely depressive ride on syncopated beats. I guess the moratorium’s over. I can now give this guy a chance. I will start at the beginning and follow along until I exhaust the hundred post-mortem albums that continue to crop up here and there.

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