Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Thirty-Two

By the time that the gentle glow of your computer hits your eyes this fine Sunday morning, the World Cup would’ve already been well under way and I’ll be a thousand miles away from your consciousness and hopefully in some kind of stupor. I’m not typing these words today. Shit, not even yesterday.

It’s Father’s Day! Chances are that you and your old boy are gonna crack open a few cold ones, watch some footie and listen to some tunes today, right? Isn’t that why Father’s Day only happens every four years?

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Happy Father’s Day to all our male TuffGnarl.com readers out there who don’t know what condoms are for!


606. The Lime Spiders – Slave Girl b/w Beyond the Fringe. The Lime Spiders might be one of Australia’s best kept secrets. This is not garage punk with information concerning the ‘60s. This is full-on ‘60s in your living room not giving a good goddamn about Vegemite spills on your couch. When I first heard the A-side of this single, I became enamored by their sheer energy. This is Devil-may-care rock and roll that sleeps with drunk groupies and cares nary an atom if they awake pregged or in a ditch. Wait a minute. That sounds terrible. This band does not sound terrible; my energized rants need to get a little curtailed for the sake of keeping this site “family-oriented.” Seek their catalog, you will not be disappointed but start with “Slave Girl.”


607. Larry Norman – Only Visiting this Planet. I think I picked this up at a thrift because it satisfied some base record-shopping needs: incredibly boring cover photo of artist/musician in action in an urban landscape, all denim outfit, gorgeous ‘70s hair, Red Alert on the “redneck” potential of tracks therein and Hell, it was a buck or less. Boy was I in for a loop! This honky-tonk who cut his teeth on the C&W circuit was one of the pioneers of Christian music. It’s a run-of-the-mill dog and pony show with some real missed opportunities with tracks like “I am Six O’clock News” and “Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music” that I firmly believe would’ve elevated this above kitsch for a heathen like myself if they’d been treated differently. I still have this in a crate. Maybe I do expect redemption and/or salvation to enter me through my Sony towers one day.


608. La Polla Records – Toda La Puta Vida Igual. I love La Polla Records. When I lived in Caracas, my friends and I would listen to their tapes, usually snuck in by an older brother, when the parents were away. This was awesome, forbidden fruit. Snotty, irreverent, sacrilegious, contemptuous of government and probably not even showered in the last day or two. We were too young to understand the highly political vein of these Basque punk rocking ne’er-do-wells. This is one of their latter efforts but I can’t stop singing this in my head after Spain’s brutal defeat at the boots of the Netherlands this past Friday. 5 – 1. Holy shit.


609. The Ex – All Corpses Smell the Same. “Human Car” is one of my favorite tracks of all time. I have a hot/cold relation with The Ex but I do not deny the fact that they’ve been at it for almost as long as I have been alive. If they had made a catchy tune a la Chumbawamba (old touring mates, by the way) they’d be a household name. Oh yeah. They are Dutch. Try to figure out how I arrived at this entry…


610. Claudia Leitte – Ao Vivo em Copacabana. So here we are. World Cup Brazil 2014 is already garnering complaints on and off the pitch and what my neighbors here in the US are only plagued about is the following question: who was the broad on stage with Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez? Really? Well, if it isn’t Justin Bieber then it probably is Claudia Leitte, one of the hotter pop singers in Brazil right now. Nobody expected you to know that so do yourself a favor and pick this album up by the multi-talented singer. Don’t be fooled by her pop leanings, she comes from an Afro-Caribbean background in axé music and is the heir apparent to the always hot Daniela Mercury. Obrigado babaca.

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