Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Twenty-Five

It’s been a week since this little endeavor of mine returned to the digital landscapes and it seems to be rolling with some degree of precision, or at least as precise as I can get it which, well, you know… you wouldn’t want to calibrate your watch to it. Never have I been as proud about my incursions into the English Language and Her Grammars and Spellings as I am with this. It’s rather freeing to throw that into the wind. Oh yeah.

thou - heathen
546. Thou – Heathen. I came across this band recently and boy did I feel like I missed out on the joke. This is heavy and schizophrenic. It’s punk rock with sludge and baroque that paints an ambient picture of chaos and perhaps sodomy or even the reticent dings of pain from a brutal interrogation down the hall. It probably doesn’t shower with enough frequency, but you don’t have to let every album climb in bed with you, now do you?

melvins electroretard
547. The Melvins – Electroretard. If you’ve had the time to go back over the beginning of this list over at the Heat Lightning, you’d have noticed that I mentioned the “Great Purge of 2006” quite a bit. I haven’t fully bounced back from that but I do remember selling this disc at the time. Thankfully I was able to reacquire it when the almighty Melvins performed with Big Business in Ft. Lauderdale a couple of years ago. Great show, great record… but you knew that already.
548. Butthole Surfers – Rembrandt Pussyhorse. I don’t know why, but whenever I think of the Melvins, I for some reason think of the Butthole Surfers. Is their cover of “American Woman” better than the original? I don’t know but I like them both. You can get the reissue of this with the Cream Corn from the Socket of Davis EP, which is nice for these economic times.
food brain - social gathering
549. Food Brain – Social Gathering. Man, this is a righteous Japanese psych band. This 1970 gem has one of my all-time favorite instrumental tunes, “Clock.” It energizes me! It fills me with power! It’s fucking cocaine cookies for my ears! It makes me super happy. The coy organs opening that mother up just do it for me. The rest of the album is pretty good too, but I can’t seem to get past the rolling thunder of this song. It’s full blast on my headphones right now.
550. Miminokoto – Thing of the Ear. This early effort by the somewhat more contemporary psych killers Miminokoto out of Japan is pretty good too, since we’re suddenly on the Nadeshiko kick, but it’s mostly about hairy dudes who may or may not imbibe way too many things recreationally. Oh yeah. The rest of the catalogue is perhaps a little better in execution by comparison, but you gotta start somewhere and you’ll be able to map some growth if you go with this one first.

snare and the idiots recyc garb
551. Snare & the Idiots – Recycled Garbage. These guys hailed out of Kentucky and made some pretty back-to-basics punk rock that is fun and flies by rather quickly. No harm in that, but I wish I knew more. You can get a digital version of this on the Killed By Death website, which is a place I visit frequently for gems that escaped my eyes.
chemical bros dig your own hole
552. The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole. I don’t know whose hole’s gonna get dug here but you gotta appreciate anything with the involvement of DJ Kool Herc, right? This trip-hop thing is one I’ve never fully understood, but over the years, as my ways have softened, I find myself enjoying it, even as background fare. Not bad.
Which+Doobie+U+B funkdoobiest
553. Funkdoobiest – Which Doobie U B? These guys clearly had the same skills in grasping spelling and grammar as I try to bring to this table every week. They should’ve been bigger than they were. The early ‘90s was a bad time for Latinos to be rapping with the shadow of Cypress Hill looming large and dark on the world. Still, they were better than most of their peers but criminally underrepresented by the hip-hop heads of the era and beyond. Maybe one day someone will wake up and finally get serious about which Doobie he/she will be.
slayer hell awaits
554. Slayer – Hell Awaits. The 1980’s were tough and Slayer was tough. This is an early one from these guys. Does anyone remember their interview with Genetic Disorder fanzine back in the ’90s when those guys wanted the Slayer crew to autograph pictures they photocopied of dead hookers from their local library and the Slayer guys recoiled in disgust? Ah, the library is truly a magical place… full of wonderment and opportunity!
house of pain hop
555. House of Pain – S/T. We can’t seem to go more than a digital foot with this website without singing the praises of the House of Pain. Loved and misunderstood at once and mostly by me, this album is not worth the price of admission, but “Jump Around” should be played and danced to at every wedding from here until the end of time. It is that good.

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