Album Review: Broken Talent – Rules No One

From the golden age of South Florida punk rock, Broken Talent was a supremely “punk” punk band. Formed out of necessity by Malcolm “Tent” Hutch and Richard “Santo” Mallia during their high school years and pursued well into college age, Broken Talent left behind a trail of drummers, a handful of guitarists, the “Blood Slut” EP (released in 1984) and a cassette Good, Bad, Awful if memory serves me correct.

Malcolm Tent was a one-man army of punk rock in South Florida, widely credited with cementing the fledgling scene, his record label, TPOS was instrumental in releasing many now widely-sought Floridian punk rock gems and more.

This LP, on Florida’s Dying Records compiles many of the songs from the cassette, which also compiles the EP. Fast, furious and at times sloppy, what is most interesting about this release (aside from the eons that it has taken me to write about it) is how it tracks their growth and progression as a band, even with a Spinal Tap-esque penchant for eating through drummers at the most opportune times.

Malcolm’s liner notes are a heartfelt tribute to his early band and there’s nothing more that I could add to that other than he seems to have a keen interest in the geographical makeup of the tri-county area, with distance and the South Florida landscape of the 80’s in mind, you’ll see what I mean after you read them here.

Malcolm Tent would eventually relocate to Connecticut and open the Trash American Style record and clothing shop. The brick and mortar operation would cease in 2007 after dealing with some P.O.S. lease-holders. He continues the store online and across the Eastern Seaboard at shows and gatherings, keeping up an impressive punk rock DIY spirit, well over 30 years after discovering the lifestyle and starting his first band.

Pick up a copy here.


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