ALBUM REVIEW: RM Brown – “The Low End Conspiracy Theory”



Relocation to Austin, Texas has not tempered the tropical surrealism of  former Miami resident Ryan Brown. On this EP, The Low End Conspiracy Theory, Brown explores the jangle pop dance-ability of lo-fi garage rock. It is not an innocuous attempt either, because though seemingly simple at first, these six tracks have that underlying layer that makes them infectious enough to gain replay and thus reveal themselves to be way more informed than you originally thought.

Opener “Chip in My Brain” borders on sci-fi paranoia with a calm electroclash attitude that is broken with the delayed-fan sound of a chase scene or montage. It is almost too calm, but it sets up the power pop of “Dosed Bread.” Showing other areas of interest that delve more into Casio-tone and minimalist, almost skweee-like in instrumentation are a pair of instrumentals, “Guided Hypno$i$” parts one and two, that are airy ambience numbers that could turn into club bangers if thickened in the lower ends.

Brown has seemingly undertaken this recording on his own and while everything works at the level presented, with drum machines and synths working to provide backup for the most part, it would be great to see these songs with a powerhouse drummer on the kit, large stacks and plenty of fuzzy distortion. I can see this guy sharing a bill with the Oblivians and releasing his first album on Matador. Good stuff that can only get better as long as Texas doesn’t skewer away whatever the Florida sun cooked in him.

Pick up a copy here.

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