TuffGnarl.com Presents… An Evening of Rock & Roll Debauch!

A  Video Playlist of All The Bands Playing Saturday September 20th! 
TuffGnarl.com Presents… Night of Rock & Roll Debauch! is an event that our staff have been considering since early May to celebrate our first anniversary of existence. Churchill’s Pub’s own in-house promoter Nayra Serrano was kind enough to let us toy with the evening of September 20th and we took it.

It’s now long past our first year, so we decided to put this show together as a way to highlight some really outstanding musicians and strengthen our commitment to the local South Florida music scene. We’ve got Orlando punks Sacred Owls flying in, Ft. Lauderdale’s heavyweights SANDRATZ, The Riot Actand local hip-hop icon, Bleubird.  And what would a show at Churchill’s be without bringing in one of the most radically amazing bands in the scene? That’s where Jellyfish Brothers come in.

I can tell you that I know these bands on a personal level, and not only are they fantastic human beings, they represent TuffGnarl.com’s mission statement: they are among our culture’s most vibrant hidden gems.

We’re also bringing DJ Skidmark into the mix to keep the debauchery going in between sets, and we’ve got chef extraordinaire Los Treces kickin’ up some gastronomic indulgences in the kitchen exclusively for this event.

Last but not least, we’ve got dancers Carla X and Isobel Devi keeping all the boys and girls in line with their outstanding go-go dancin’ theatrics.

I understand that an $8 show may seem pricey for Churchill’s. Here’s where we’re coming from:

In this scene, bands play without being compensated far too often. Well, not on our watch, boys and girls. EVERY band playing September 20th is playing on a guarantee — not because they asked for one, but because I know how shitty it is to not get paid for playing shows. We’re paying top dollar and promising you a show that you’ll remember for years to come.

I’d like to also take a moment and give a special acknowledgment to our sponsors: Sybarite Pig, Jolt Radio and Laser Wolf, and an additional thanks to illustrator Alexis Ziritt for always making our shit look excellent.

Finally, I’d like to thank the TuffGnarl.com family. You guys make this site what it is. Your dedication to writing is unsurpassed. I don’t take any of you for granted — not for a second. Our brotherhood is forged in blood. And beer.

So come out to Churchill’s Pub Saturday, September 20th, and make some friends, support some bands, drink some brews and let the debauch begin!

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Chuck Livid

Chuck Livid hails from Miami, Florida. He did a zine in the '90s called Muddy Chaos and is best known for his work with independent music label Livid Records. Chuck lives in Boca Raton, Fl with his wife illustrator Helena Garcia and their son Nico. He founded TuffGnarl.com and hosts TuffGnarl.com's official music podcast - Another Music Podcast which is available on iTunes & Google Play

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