INTERVIEW: Five Questions with The Antidont’s

Photo from the Antidont's Facebook page.

Photo from the Antidont’s Facebook page.

I first wrote about the Antidont’s back in August of 2014 in a review for their debut album “32oz to Failure” for my popular “5 Records That You Need To Jump On” series. The band has managed to not only survive the horrors that is Port Charlotte they’ve managed to hone their craft and get even better. Two full-length albums and an EP later AND an upcoming split with M.D.C. prove that the Antidont’s are here to stay.

When/ where did you guys start out?
Anthony (drums) and I (bass/vocals) grew up in Port Charlotte, and have been best friends since the beginning of high school. He’s always been in a band since I’ve known him. Zac (guitar and vocals) and I met at the very end of high school, and we started a punk band together. I would drive out to Englewood every week for band practice and that only lasted about 6 months or so but we’ve been friends ever since. A couple of years later, I introduced the two and they hit it off. We had our first band practice about 3 years ago and we’ve been having a radical time ever since!

This is your first show in South Florida right?
Yes, it is! Oddly enough, we’ve been all over this country at this point but we’ve never been to the East Coast of our own state. We’re super stoked that our first time gets to be a event! We have a lot of love for you Chuck for giving us such a flattering review of our first album. It definitely turned a good handful of people onto our tunes and we’re super appreciative of that.

Photo from the bands' Facebook page.

Photo from the bands’ Facebook page.

Other than being a fucking rad band how the hell did you guys end up doing a split with M.D.C.?
[Laughs] Well, thank ya! I think the timing just couldn’t have been any better. Our buddy Andrew runs a label called Swamp Cabbage Records they’ve got an awesome catalog by the way and he said that we could choose another band for a split. One of the first bands to come to mind was Millions of Dead Cops. I shot a message to Dave Dictor and here we are! They just recorded a fresh version of “Born to Die” and released a video for it called “No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA” that will be featured on the split. The chant has been getting around a lot lately. I saw that Green Day just used it at the AMA’s, and that’s just too cool. We’re honored to be part of this movement.

What are your thoughts on Trump getting elected President?
I’ve never really been interested in politics up until this year. The thought of Donald Trump ACTUALLY becoming president scared the shit out of me and that’s when I began to take interest I suppose. Our favorite track that we’ve recorded for this split is called ‘Make America Think Again’ and I think it paints a pretty good picture about how we feel. I’m not gonna spoil it for you It’ll be out soon enough.

What’s the shittiest thing to have happened at one of your shows?
One time I booked us at a venue that was in an auditorium at the University of Georgia and we didn’t find out until we got there. I felt like we really had to tone down our performance to the point that it just felt awkward for everyone [laughs]. I make sure to always do my research now.


Catch The Antidont’s live Saturday November 26th for’s “1st Annual After-Thanksgiving Punk Rock Workout Block Party” at Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale.

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