INTERVIEW: Five Questions with Armageddon Man

Armageddon Man. Photo by Chuck Livid.

Armageddon Man. Photo by Chuck Livid.

You know how in ’80s movies there was always a bad boy that the female protagonist always had the hots for (think EVERY Charlie Sheen role from that decade) and the parental figure would always say something along the lines of “Not with that boy you’re not!” or “You’re going to give your father a heart attack!Armageddon Man is the equivalent of that bad boy. It’s the band you’re going to want to date regardless of sexual orientation. They’re the Turbonegro / GG Allin love child you never knew existed minus all the feces. I recently talked to the dudes about touring, labeling bands and their top influences and I have to say that I instantly fell in love.

Armageddon Man shows are fucking bananas. Tim [vocalist] throws beer bottles, hangs off rafters & spits beer on people. Tim who do you consider to be the top three front men/women of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Tim: Ugh, that’s tough man. I guess if we’re going off of the people who made me want to be in a band I would say: Iggy Pop, Kathleen Hanna and David Yow. No wall flowers in that list but also Henry Rollins, Joan Jett, Dennis Lyxen, Hank Helvete, Little Richard, James Brown. I mean c’mon man!

You dudes are hard to place in any one specific genre or sub-genre of music. Labeling bands is always somewhat annoying but what category would you like to see your music placed under say at a legendary music store like Amoeba Records?

Phil: I would say at the end of the day it would be Punk Rock. Obviously a bastardized child of it but our ethics are rooted in it.

Tim: You know, it kills me that the term rock and roll has been somewhat de-fanged. We have elements of punk, elements of trashy rock and roll but what does that makes us? Death punk? I mean we have similar elements to bands like Turbonegro and that’s what they call themselves. Polka funk, that’s my final answer.

Larry: Punk n’ Roll.

Pete: I’d love to walk into a record store to find we’ve been labeled nothing more than “Noise” but like the others, our roots are in punk.

Who smells the most on tour?

Phil: I don’t recall anyone smelling bad which is good because I don’t deal well with B.O.

Tim: Phil hates anything resembling B.O. also were fairly clean folks. I mean I love the bathhouse in Miami so smelling isn’t really my thing. [whispers] It’s Phil though. He stinks.

Larry: Me shoes no socks equals bad.

Pete: Phil apparently does not remember complaining about Tim’s feet while we were trying to sleep.

Tim: Oh, that’s right!

Another tour question – what’s playing in the tour van? Who’s the radio nazi?

Phil: Fuck, we heard Surf Rock, Punk, Hardcore, a little Metal, hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, to some hybrid form of country I can’t recall the name of.  Between the 4 of us, we cover just about every genre you can imagine, so it never got stagnant in the van.

Tim: We are a pretty diverse crowd musically. I think we started out with some Hellacopters and at some point we were listening to some random bluegrass station. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea everyone is cool about switching it up now and again. I think I might have annoyed people with Run the Jewels but that was while people were trying to sleep.

Larry: We had a diplomatic solution of driver picks music everyone else can fuck off put your headphones in if you don’t like it.

Speaking of Nazis, how do you think the election results will play out in American music overall?

Phil: I’m not gonna talk politics but have said this; the next four years will yield great art.

Larry: I’m hoping for a music revolution. This could be a terrible catalyst to some incredible much needed music from the head and the heart.

Pete: If you weren’t pissed off about what was going on in the world before the election, especially our country’s involvement you haven’t been paying attention. Fortunately every election cycle a couple more people wake up, get angry and stay angry.

Tim: If that new Tribe Called Quest album is any indication music is going to get really great. I don’t know man everything seems so fucked. It’s a good time to be in a band called Armageddon Man.


Catch Armageddon Man live Saturday November 26th for’s “1st Annual After-Thanksgiving Punk Rock Workout Block Party” at Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale.

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Chuck Livid

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