Artist Cynthia Cruz Takes on Silver Hollow’s “Four”


Cynthia Cruz is a Miami artist currently based out of London, UK. A graduate of New World School of the Arts, she’s currently pursuing her MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London. Talented in the fields of painting, sculpting, installation and video art, her work has appeared in numerous galleries and spaces in South Florida since 2009.

Silver Hollow consisted of music producer Michael Tudor and former Ryan Adams and the Cardinals’ bass player Chris Feinstein who passed away in 2009. Cruz dated Feinstein and this track was recorded in their old apartment. Her vocals can be heard in the backups. Tudor, who currently owns and operates a recording studio, commissioned Cruz to make this video.

The tweaked/cartooned elements of the quotidian betray the gloomy atmosphere of the song in a weird Johnny Quest meets Mr. Ed’s acid dream house and with Cruz placing herself within the video further emphasizes the relationship she shares with the music and imbues further the somber and aquatic sounds of the track.

Her work on another Silver Hollow track, “The Shed,” can be found here.

Silver Hollow


Cognitive Module

Directed by Cynthia Cruz

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