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To understand the Alvarez brothers and their insatiable thirst for all things rock and roll, one must first understand the indelible mark that Rafael “The Goat” Trujillo left on the nation of the Dominican Republic and what intangible dreams fellow countryman and recognized international playboy Porfirio Rubirosa inspired in the aftermath of this hemisphere’s most successful dictatorship. While their dreams and aspirations do not end in the fiery crash of a vintage Ferrari or in the dust of a million bullets, they have brought to South Florida that most necessary of immigrant charms: a new eye that thirsts knowledge.

Now that is not necessarily a bad thing if politics and the surrealism of Caribbean living is a topic that catches your goat (no pun intended) but it does make for a bit of jangle, you see, the Alvarezes, Greg and Eddy are possessed of that youthful malaise that fuels the aforementioned thirst and thus propels them to devote their energies into documenting South Florida’s underground music scenes. As documentarians of the many varied and sun-fried genres that cohabitate in the state, they’ve successfully managed a video-vignette series, Audio Junkie, that are as entertaining and informative as they are relevant and self-contained pieces of video art.

Like true Dominican boys, Greg and Eddy recognize and appreciate their family’s influence on them musically and visually, with mom encouraging the guys to pursue music and grandpa taking them on outings to the better films of their youth like Pulp Fiction. Aside from successfully running Audio Junkie now for over four years, their dark power pop trio, the Jellyfish Brothers, is one of South Florida’s best kept secrets.

While it hasn’t always been an easy enterprise to manage and fund, they’ve taken the same spirit of community that has helped them in the past in the guise of fund raisers or grant applications, they know how to give back to their fans and will be hosting their third annual Independence Bash, partnered now with Adam Gersten’s Gramps Bar and the three day event is a great showcase of contemporary musical talent in South Florida. It doesn’t hurt either that there will be killer and delicious BBQ as well as games, zine releases and exclusive screenings of oddities and footage that couldn’t make it to the final episodes.

Here’s the latest listing of performers:

July 4th:
12:00 National Anthem
2:00 Curious Hair
2:30 Fulltime Motherfucker
3:00 Rick Guerre
3:30 Shark Valley Sisters
4:00 Ironing
4:30 Kazoots
5:00 Death Talisman
5:30 Bobby Flan
6:00 The Gun Hoes
6:30 Casual Creatures
7:00 Whitegold
7:30 Atomic Whirl
8:00 Snakehole
8:30 For The Virgin Marry
9:00 The Jellyfish Brothers
9:30 Kensouth Rock
10:00 Unstoppable Death Machines
10:30 Permanent Makeup
11:00 Holly Hunt
11:30 Rat bastard

July 5th:
2:00 Curious Hair
2:30 Adam Matza
3:00 I Still Feel It
3:30 Suede Dudes
4:00 Pariuh
4:30 The Bearings
5:00 Juju Pie
5:30 Bleeth
6:00 Couples Counseling
6:30 Treasure Teeth
7:00 Humbert
7:30 Sandratz
8:00 Landica
8:30 Haochi Waves
9:00 Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes
9:30 Plastic Pinks
10:00 Pockets of Lollypops
10:30 Eagle Chief
11:00 Set and Settings
11:30 Hollow Leg
12:00 Wastelands

July 6th:
2:00 Brunch
2:00 Vinyl Swap
5:30 Montage and Maddie
6:00 MR. E
6:30 Cog Nomen
7:00 Quarter Horses
7:30 Manny Mangos
8:00 Dividends
8:30 Riot Act
9:00 Selectric

DJ Skidmark
Barba Roja
Os Da Mu
DJ Peligro

Audio Junkie’s Third Annual Independence Bash from Friday, July 4th through Sunday, July 6th at Gramps, 176 NW 24 Street, Miami. Call 786-75-BOOZE or visit for more information.


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