SHOW PREVIEW: Shonen Knife at Churchill’s Pub 05-05-17

Shonen Knife was formed by Naoko Yamano and Atsuko Yamano in Osaka, Japan in 1981 and since then has continued to write some of the catchiest songs ever put to wax. Most in the United States were first introduced to Shonen Knife from their shows opening for Nirvana in 1993 and the band’s multiple national television appearances in […]


Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music and records. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out. If you like what you hear support the musicians by buying their music and going to their shows. Don’t be a thieving asshole. Support artists. And no Spotify doesn’t count. […]

SHOW REVIEW: Colombia’s I.R.A. at Kreepy Tiki 03-05-17

The last time I saw Colombia’s quintessential punk band I.R.A. (Infexion Respiratoria Aguda) was back in 2004. Harry from the Knumbskulls along with some other people in the scene helped launch a U.S. tour for the band starting at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. The band totally annihilated that night and 13 years later I can […] staff picks: The Best of 2016

We here at are just as exhausted with 2016 as you are. A cavalcade of celebrity deaths, a historically ugly and divisive presidential election, daily terrorist attacks and shootings… The list goes on. Suffice it to say, this year was rough. But in entertainment, 2016 was one of the finest years in recent memory […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Vagrant Stomp

Vagrant Stomp may be a newer band in the Fort Lauderdale scene but they bring with them a fire most of their punk elders have forgotten about. In your face and fierce Vagrant Stomp pulls no punches they just bringth the punk. How exactly does one end up with a band name like Vagrant Stomp? […]

INTERVIEW: Five Questions with Armageddon Man

You know how in ’80s movies there was always a bad boy that the female protagonist always had the hots for (think EVERY Charlie Sheen role from that decade) and the parental figure would always say something along the lines of “Not with that boy you’re not!” or “You’re going to give your father a heart attack!” […]

Five Questions with Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets

Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets bust unto the Miami scene in 2004 and have consistently put out solid music ever since. They’re veterans of punk rock who’s members have been active in one way or another for the better part of 20+ years. It was a great treat to catch us with Johnny Sexfuck and […]

INTERVIEW: Five Questions with The Antidont’s

I first wrote about the Antidont’s back in August of 2014 in a review for their debut album “32oz to Failure” for my popular “5 Records That You Need To Jump On” series. The band has managed to not only survive the horrors that is Port Charlotte they’ve managed to hone their craft and get even better. […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Neopolitan

Neopolitan‘s music brings to mind a mix of Miami 80s themes and at times gives the vibe of Goblin sans instruments. It’s original and much needed in this scene where shitty DJs and electronica have lost there way. I chatted with Pedro Caignet about the band and its influences. Neopolitan’s music seems familiar yet it’s nothing that anyone can […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Fabio Destroyio of The GAZMS

The GAZMS are one of those bands that came out of nowhere and just basically upped the game in Miami. They’re a solid three-piece with all substance and no filler. I recently chatted with The GAZMS’ vocalist/ guitarist Fabio Destroyio to talk shop, Miami, Trump and punk rock’s future. Fabio you’ve fronted and played in a […]

REVIEW: Que Lastima / Octo Gato / Sunnyvale at Propaganda

This past Friday, Lake Worth’s de facto punk venue Propaganda played host to one of the top five best local shows of the year – Que Lastima, Octo Gato and Sunnyvale. As I walked into the club the sounds of Octo Gato pulled me in and didn’t let go. I had to remind myself that […]

REVIEW: The Queers at Churchill’s Pub

Every time The Queers come to town I’ll drop whatever I’m doing to go see them. I’ve seen them more than any other band in my life and although they’ve had a few spotty moments over their 30 plus year career they have consistently released solid outings and played phenomenal shows. My first writing job […]

REVIEW: Hepatagua / Armageddon Man / House of Lightning at Kreepy Tiki

Fresh off assignment from Denver’s Riot Fest I quickly looked for some local shows to cover and found that Armageddon Man was playing Kreepy Tiki on a Tuesday. So I grabbed my gear, got into my car and rushed off to Ft. Lauderdale. As I’m walking into the joint I realize that this isn’t another “locals […]

Review: Suicide Squad Brings Humor to DC Comics’ Cinematic Universe

Finally some humor in the bleak and dark world that is DC Comics movies. Writer / Director David Ayers’ Suicide Squad tells the tale of a group of super villains recruited and manipulated by the government as a contingency plan against meta-humans in a world where there is no Superman. If you think about it […]