INTERVIEW: Shotgun Betty

I was granted the opportunity to interview the sensational Shotgun Betty this past week. They are a bluesy-Americana-folk band out of Lake Worth and they have been playing constantly around the Tri-County area.  They’ve just wrapped up work on their first EP and also found time to film their first music video. I’ve seen them several times around South Florida–at Dada […]

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3 ALBUM REVIEWS: Tove Lo’s “Queen of the Clouds,” Alex Clare’s “Three Hearts” & Maroon 5’s “V”

I’m not a complete hipster. I openly admit to being all over the map with my musical tastes. Every now and then I delve into the depths of the pop music genre to look for hidden gems that may have been glanced over by audiophiles that normally won’t sully their ears with anything that has graced the radio waves. Sometimes, […]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Matza “Refractions and Echoes”

Adam Matza is a composer of experimental electronic music based in South Florida. After working on projects with The Weeds and The Baboons, Matza has taken his solo-experimentalism to another level. This is done with a futuristic musical tool called… an iPad; or in this gentleman’s case, multiple iPads. By using sound altering and looping software he has been able to […]

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