Adam Pfahler

INTERVIEW: Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler

    Jawbreaker is a legendary band in the annals of punk rock. Hailing from the Bay Area in California, the band released four classic albums and then broke up shortly after Dear You, their first (and last) record on a major label, came out. This year marks 21 years since its release. Jawbreaker’s four albums […]

INTERVIEW: Catching up with Cristy C. Road

Cristy C. Road is a powerhouse of punk. A feminist, artist, musician, and life-long writer, Cristy has been contributing to the scene that inspired her for most of her teenage and adult life. But she has also found ways to bridge that punkiness with her Latina heritage and childhood. It has led to an exploration of […]

Review: Patience by Daniel Clowes

“A COSMIC TIMEWARP DEATHTRIP TO THE PRIMORDIAL INFINITE OF EVERLASTING LOVE BY DANIEL CLOWES.” That’s the description written on the back cover of the new Daniel Clowes graphic novel, Patience (published by Fantagraphics), and it is an apt one indeed. Clowes’ work has always been strange. Even when grounded in reality, like Ghost World, there […]

Review: Minimum Wage Book Two: So Many Bad Decisions

A new Minimum Wage comic is always cause for celebration, and with his new home at Image, Bob Fingerman has found a publisher who is quick to collect the individual issues into reasonably priced editions. I picked up Book 2, “So Many Bad Decisions” on a Thursday and had blown through it by Friday. That’s […]

Interview: Catching up with Ain’t It Cool’s “Quint” (AKA Eric Vespe)

Ain’t It Cool? News (AICN) was one of the pioneers of fan-based journalism. During the internet’s infancy, AICN bypassed the exclusivity of main stream press and fed readers inside scoops, reviews and interviews served on a familiar and homegrown plate. Writer Eric Vespe, AKA “Quint” was there from the beginning, and has since become one of the the site’s most […]

Interview: Shredding and brush strokes with Juan Montoya

If you grew up going to shows in the Miami and South Florida music scene in the ’90s, then you have heard Juan Montoya, even if you don’t know him. Serving lengthy stints in many bands, including Ed Matus’ Struggle, CAVITY, and Torche, Juan’s guitar playing has fallen loudly on numerous eager and welcoming ears. Outside […]

Interview: Comic book writer Jim Zub talks Thunderbolts, Wayward and much more

Jim Zub is a writer on the rise. He has written everything from Samurai Jack to Dungeons and Dragons comics, as well as his own supernatural adventure, Wayward, over at Image Comics with artist Steve Cummings (of which three volumes are already available). He also has a HUGE on-line presence and freely shares his own creative process […]

Interview: Popping in with pop-culture artist David Irvine

Artist David Irvine, aka The Gnarled Branch (no relation to us at TuffGnarl!), works in many mediums and themes, has shown in galleries all over and has a huge on-line presence. But as I am an unabashed fan of pop-culture, his handcrafted “upcycling” of tossed off paintings particularly caught my eye one night and I […]

INTERVIEW: Shooting the shit with Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale may be the most prolific writer you haven’t heard of. Champion Joe (as his fans call him) has written everything from novels (The Drive-In), short stories (Bubba-Ho-Tep), screenplays (the animated Son of Batman film) and comic books  (DC/Vertigo’s Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo).   Lansdale even dipped his pen into a few episodes […]