Film Review: Bone Tomahawk

There are B-movies and there are B-films. B-movies are defined by their campiness and that’s why they’re labeled with said defining prefix. However, the art form of the B-movie has been lost. Joe Bob Briggs would agree with me were he still hosting Joe Bob’s Drive-In. Too often, movies are labeled “B-movies” for their lack […]

Playlist from Hell: Seven songs from the American Horror Story soundtrack

American Horror Story didn’t invent stylized horror, but damned if showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk don’t know how to create atmosphere better than anyone. Since AHS: Murder House (season 1) first aired in 2011, the horror anthology has produced some of the most twisted and bizarre moments to ever hit the small screen with […]

The five most underappreciated TV shows of the last 10 years

Whether or not a television show can even be considered underrated anymore is debatable. There are as many critical sites as there are t.v. viewers, it seems, and unless a show is a universal stinker, the chances are good that someone will argue any given show’s virtues. Yet, a show can still be underappreciated by […]

Music Review: Ryan Adams’ “1989”

The weird thing about this is, well, everything. It’s completely bizarre for a few reasons. Alt-country singer/indie rocker Ryan Adams has, to put it mildly, shied away from covers before. In fact, he once ended a show early by bringing up the house lights at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium (after unleashing a torrent of swears) when […]

Election 2016: Whoever Wins, We Lose

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, I encourage you all to get out of bed, lock your front door, draw your shades, order in, and binge-watch reruns of a beloved television show on Netflix. Most importantly, I encourage you to avoid any polling stations and urge you not to exercise your right to vote. Your mother […]

Music Review: The Arcs “Yours, Dreamily”

As far as side projects go The Arcs’ debut, Yours, Dreamily, safely lands on its feet and checks the right boxes. Really, what we want from a side project isn’t necessarily same-but-different. There is a balance, I think, that most fans want when an artist gives us something “other than,” and that is similar threaded elements […]

Event Review: The Jon Stickley Trio live at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC

Were my return to a Rambo movie, it’d go something like this: You need some background. My last assignment was a bloodbath. I wrote a “Best Live Albums” piece and it turned into some sort of black ops mission in which I was the sole survivor, walking away with only the scars left after the […]

The top 5 live classic rock albums of all time

“They’re much better live, you should really hear them live,” said your friend who, for whatever reason, is able to get copious amounts of time off from work and spends his/her time posting Instagram pictures of bands you’d give an appendage to see. That friend is usually right: live is better. Unless we’re talking about […]

Music Review: Wilco’s “Star Wars”

Jeff Tweedy and co. has gone and made themselves a pretty interesting album in this, their ninth studio release. Self-produced and free to download, Wilco has assembled something that’s not altogether typical of them with respect to its sound, but not atypical in the spirit of its experimentation. In totality, it’s a good album and […]

TV Review: True Detective Season 2 [mild spoilers]

In fairness, anything following season one of True Detective [you might remember three TG staffers picked S1 as the best in television in 2014] was bound to be somewhat of a letdown. Harrelson’s portrayal of Marty Hart, a philandering but ultimately-on-the-side-of-good detective, might have been enough to halfway carry the show regardless of who was cast […]

Event Review: Gary Clark Jr. live at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC

Reaching deep into our coffers, Tuff Gnarl ponied up the dough and sent me to the quaint hippie mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina in order to attend Gary Clark Jr.’s show at The Orange Peel, Asheville’s landmark music venue. While they didn’t technically pay to send me here (I live in Asheville) and we don’t […]

Building a Supergroup: Lead Singer

Imagine it: our group has just capped off a near-17-minute jam session in which Ginger Baker, kicking off with a swinging jazz beat in some crazy 12/8 time-signature emphasizing the off-beat, was accompanied by runs that only John Paul Jones can manage for that insane length of time, and Clapton, building and flourishing with bluesy […]

Building a Supergroup: Guitarists

As a guitar player this is a conversation I often seek out. I’ve debated it in many a forum, arguing passionately on behalf of my favorite players with a wide range of people (our own Jesse Scheckner, also a guitar player, included) because, truly, the electric guitar is the foundation of rock and blues music. The […]

Building a Supergroup Part II: Bassists

The feedback from last week’s article in which I selected Ginger Baker as our supergroup’s drummer was mixed. Our own Jesse Scheckner went so far as to phonetically spell out his disapproval. But as we round out our rhythm section this week, I might win a few of you back. Often ignored, forgotten, or even dismissed […]

Building A Supergroup: Drummers

We have all had the discussion, which invariably becomes an argument, with our friends. Maybe the subject matter itself differs – the best starting five in NBA history, a bracket-style fight tournament of your favorite movie heroes, etc. – but the concept behind it remains: we love to mix and match, playing what-if and cultivating […]