CAMP REVIEW: Miami Girls Rock Camp Wowza!

Miami Girls Rock Camp is in it’s 3rd year and is growing stronger each summer. Founded by Heather Burdick, Emile Milgrim and Steph Taylor girls rock camps originated in Portland Oregon in 2005. There are now over 120 camps in 17 different countries. Although Miami has had a late start these women have put a […]


Are you a punk? Do you go to punk rock shows in Florida? If so you must know DJ Skidmark. He is the towering dude with the greatest coif of hair behind the decks everywhere spinning pure punk from all corners of the globe and dear to the local scene like nobody’s business. The nicest […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Spam Allstars – Trans-Oceanic

I’ve been hanging out at City of Progress Studios a lot this year working on the new Pookiesmackers record and I am so enjoying the chit/chat, electronic and gear experimentation and pauses to spin a record of reference that I sometimes forget we are making our own recording. City of Progress is the home studio […]

Show Preview: Miami Punk Rock High Reunion

When I was a middle schooler in my coming of age era in the mid 70’s rock and roll was a big deal. Lucky for me just a bike ride away was a place called Record Haven. It was directly across the street from what would be my Rock and Roll High School (McArthur) and […]

Mango Hill Records Comes Out Scorching

Mango Hill Records is a new platform for music releases out of Miami who’s brainchild is Jason Joshua Hernandez. Jason is the leader of Miami’s premiere soul unit Ketchy Shuby and he has organized with friends a new label to put out the best of new soul, funk, spoken word and whatnot from the area […]

CONCERT REVIEW: I Was Saved By Willie Nelson

My wife was given a Ticketmaster gift card for Christmas last year and we really did not know what to do with it. Playing in a local band has made me sway away from these bigger shows just due to the ungodly high price tickets have become. That is before all the service, convenience and […]