The Best Cassettes of 2015

What a year for the cassette tape, right? Cassettes sold four times as much in 2015 than the year before, at least 100 new cassette-only labels opened up shop this year, and the blatantly obvious marketing ploy and ridiculously-named Cassette Store Day celebrated its third year. It doesn’t get much trendier. But aside from the […]

Boilerman Tour Diary: June 2015

Boilerman are a three-piece band out of Chicago that have been picking up some steam in the punk underground for a handful of years. Their latest EP, a self-titled 10″ out of 86’d Records, is blast of energetic, grungy hardcore peppered with just right amount of pop-punk sensibility. The music surges forth with power and […]

Best of the Squared Circle: A 2014 Wrestling Observer Awards Ballot

By the time you read this the annual awards issue of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter will be published. The Wrestling Observer Awards, which date back to 1980, are based on results of ballots submitted by subscribers of the newsletter. Aside from some awards that are exclusive to Japan, the Wrestling Observer Awards get more mainstream […]

The Best Cassettes of 2014

It’s year-end time which means the Internet is bursting at the virtual seams with best-of lists compiled with sole intent of making you feel inadequate and out of touch. Well I hate to tell you this but here at Tuff Gnarl we are no less self-righteous than the next pajama pants-wearing Internet know-it-all. So in […]

Nathan’s Zine Review: 99MM, Jerk Store, Throat Culture

“You! Hands on the hood! Now!” That’s Police Officer no. 1. He has just exited his squad car with one hand on his gun and the other pointing a firm finger in my direction. This comes just moments after he had driven said squad car across an opposing lane and up onto the curb directly […]

Nathan’s Zine Review: Hug It Out, Tinted Windows, Bacon In The Beans

“What is a zine?” This is probably the question I get asked more than any other. And not surprisingly so, as outside of a handful of subcultures and art-minded channels, zines, despite a history that is believed to date back to the 1930s, aren’t exactly at the forefront of public consciousness. There are numerous places […]