SHOW REVIEW: Queens of the Stone Age (May 1st 2018 Bayfront Amphitheater)

“And They Say Miami isn’t a rock and roll town.”  Queens of the Stone Age front man / stage banter specialist Josh Homme mused to the 3,000 alt rockers, metalheads and punks gathered at Bayfront Amphitheater.  “You’re not just (beat box techno beat) – you’re a rock and roll town and don’t you forget it!” […]

Record Review: The Holy Terrors – Live Six – 25th Anniversary Reissue

1992 was an interesting year in South Florida’s music history. The scene was large and prolific enough to afford stark divisions. The primary divide was between the mostly Miami-based contingent of punk rockers and weirdos and the mostly Broward-based “serious” would-be rock stars. The division was deep enough for noise guru Rat Bastard to design […]

Album Review: The Gods Themselves – “Be My Animal”

Like a great stew, the third album by Seattle power trio, The Gods Themselves both highlights its  influences and main ingredients and elevates them into an entirely new dish. On the title track of ”Be My Animal” singer/guitarist Astra Elane sets the tone by making waves of Jesus & Mary Chain surf guitar reverb and […]

Review: ANTiSEEN: The Southern Hostility Demos

Punk Rock is the real “It’s a Small World” ride. Between the beginning of 1992 and 1993, I went from getting blown away by the raw skronk of ANTiSEEN’s 1991 opus “Southern Hostility” to interviewing them for a fanzine, booking them at Washington Square on Miami Beach (RIP) and dealing with their dirty dishes in […]