You Cannot Censor Art – A Call To Ban Marvel Comics

Art is not meant to be censored. Here’s why I’m calling for a ban on Marvel Comics.

Copyright Milo Manara

Copyright Milo Manara

Marvel Comics has pulled artwork by famed Italian illustrator Milo Manara from their upcoming variant covers for Thor #2 and Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #1 due to accusations of “sexism,” in what has been called “Spider-Butt-Gate” for another variant Manara did for Spider-Woman #1 by the press (including pop culture sites like Although’s work in female representation in pop culture and the arts in commendable, I firmly believe that they got it wrong with the witch hunt of artist Milo Manara.

Let’s be clear: the covers that Manara was commissioned to illustrate were limited variant covers and not the regular covers that will hit every newsstand worldwide. Even Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso stated, “He [Manara] is a world-renowned artist with a huge fan base, and his variants…are aimed at people who appreciate his art and his style.”

So what’s the deal, Marvel? You’re putting artists out of work because some people took offense to their covers? Have the backbone to diversify your industry and not conform to outside influences that honestly, probably don’t even buy comic books.

I’ve got a theory that I’d like to try out. I’ve created a petition asking that people drop any and all Marvel titles from their pull lists or restrain from buying any books from the publisher for the next 3 months. To continue your support of your local comic book store I suggest comic book readers pick up books from various publishers that give artistic freedom to their artists and writers. Offhand, I’d suggest anything from Image Comics, Dark Horse, IDW, Action Lab Comics, Top Cow, Archie Comics and Dynamite Comics. I implore readers to buy books from those publishers to substitute for their Marvel books. Trust me, you’re not going to miss much and you might even fall in love with a new book or two.

This whole “crisis” reminds me of when Attorney General John Ashcroft had the half-naked statue of the Spirit of Justice covered up because he was annoyed at being photographed in front of the exposed right breast.

Photo by the Associated Press

Photo by the Associated Press

Yes, this is that stupid. Marvel originally commissioned Manara to do the work knowing full well what the Italian artist was best known for. Stand up for the writers and artists because, without them, we the readers have nothing.

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Artist Milo Manara




(Slider image copyright Milo Manara)

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