Beloved Hip-Hop Icon Blowfly Kicks Off International Tour Tonight at Churchill’s Pub


If First Lady babe, Michelle Obama thinks it’s legit, we think it’s legit too!

I really hate sounding pedantic, well, that’s not actually true… I revel in the fact that I’m a pompous ass but sometimes, even I have to accept the fact that it is better to take the backseat and let others have a moment. To say that Clarence “Blowfly” Reid is a South Florida icon/institution is putting it lightly and quite frankly, a little too softly for this day and age where everyone and their mammie oughtta know by now that the ‘Fly gaveth us the hip-hop from his mighty staff of righteous fuckery. Fuck New York, fuck LA, fuck everybody else. Rap is a Miami invention and if you need more clarification than Blowfly’s classic jam, “Rapp Dirty” then you’ll need to relocate to one of them beard-growing, chicken-raising communes who blindly believe they “discovered” PBR and cunnilingus.

Not on the ‘Fly’s watch.

Tonight, Blowfly does it right and kicks off his latest tour at our beloved Churchill’s Pub, that, regardless of ownership, will always be our club with punk rocking friends Die Trying and eternal indie tinkerers The Axe & the Oak because it falls upon his 75 year old shoulders to remind us, yet again, exactly what is so awesome about this town and our music scene: balls, fervor and motherfucking eclecticness!


Clarence showing a polite Canadian how we do in the 3 oh motherfucking FIVE!

I recently asked Clarence’s drummer and old Tuff Gnarl friend Tom Bowker to tell us exactly why Blowfly is the greatest of all time and this is what he had to say:

“Clarence is the greatest, because he is at once a soul singer, the most prolific soul/funk songwriter of the 20th century and the archetype for rap music. That he is all of that, and happily puts on a mask and a cape to drive audiences crazy by singing about pussy and bodily functions all over the globe at the age of 75 is amazing.

Most 75 year olds not named the Rolling Stones are retired or greeting you at Wal-Mart. Blowfly is flying to Costa Rica next week to play for a sold out audience on a continent he’s never been to before. And he even renamed the country “Intercourse-Ta Rica.” Two weeks after that, we’re playing three shows with 2 Live Crew in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 2 Live Crew wouldn’t have an act if it wasn’t for Blowfly. That both 305 acts are being flown all the way across North America to get down and dirty proves the worthiness of our musical bounty. So appreciate your local legend and shake your ass tonight at Churchill’s.”

You still don’t believe? See how wet these get ya!

”Rapp Dirty” – Where it all started. 10-4 good buddy!

”Nobody but You Babe” – One of my favorite Reid tunes.

”Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho? – Little known fact, I may or may have not been consulted on the Spanish parts of this cover song. However, Raf Classic, as usual, took all the credit. Oh well. Better lawyer next time!

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews Blowfly and Snoop Dogg namedrops Tom. Life is good again.

The King of the Freaks is headed to Costa Rica, Canada and East Coast USA – so he must kick it off in the MIA. Joining him are Oi! The Boat recording artist Die Trying , AXE AND THE OAK and the freaks in Fotre. 10 pm start. 10 dolla no holla to get in.

Churchill’s Pub
5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33137
Call 305-757-1807 or visit

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