The Breit Mark Factor: That Burning Liberal Epiphany You Just Had? It’s Just Gas.

By the amount of Facebook posts and idiotic replies in the comment sections of the dozen or so news articles I read every day, liberalism is beginning to sound a lot like elitism.

Hypocritical statements, faux outrage and misguided political correctness have caused me to be more at odds with progressives than I feel comfortable with.

Shut the fuck up and get your ass out there on the frontlines.


I hate to burst your emo bubble but just ’cause you google search quote’s from Malcolm X doesn’t make you a freedom fighter. Posting a cute little heterosexual profile pic with a rainbow flag watermark doesn’t make you an LGBQT savior.

Progressives are beginning to assume that by simply voicing their support for liberal causes it’s given them altruistic demigod status.

Being a liberal means you fight for social/economic justice not because it’s super rad but because it’s super right. It means we debate respectfully even when the person we’re facing is an absolute tool. We honestly listen to people with differing opinions and hope that we are able to open their eyes with facts tolerance.

We aren’t supposed to do this because we feel sorry for people. Compassion isn’t about pity, it’s about respect. So how about we stop posting Facebook memes about how terrible hunger is and volunteer at the Broward Outreach Center on a Sunday afternoon instead of nursing your $100 hangover from your local bar.

Now, if the Trump right winger creeps keep us shut out and keep removing chairs for us to sit down on at the adults table, liberals should not be afraid to get increasingly aggressive.

Okay not to freak you guys out but all conservatives are not evil. Granted that most of them are assholes but evil is a bit of a stretch. Conservatives believe that a person’s life struggles are due to their own choices and because of that, they are responsible for the consequences. There is a validity to this argument but it’s not so clear-cut.

They don’t dig nuanced conversations or explanations.


Ridicule is not part of liberalism but dissent is.

John F. Kennedy once said that liberals are “someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people.”

The embarrassing overreaction to Milo Yiannopoulos is a perfect example of a rigid reaction.

I ended my last column with a middle finger to Berkley for canceling Yiannopoulos’ speaking engagement. Colleges are becoming too comfortable shutting down conservative speakers. The true liberal action is to let everyone speak, to demand that the dumbass speak.

In the ‘80s the big free speech shut down was the neo-Nazis. Liberals had a heart attack when daytime TV began airing interviews with these morons. Once the Nazis were given a public platform they disappeared back into their parents’ basements almost as quickly as they arrived.

They lost their allure and power by being brought into the light. There was no mass recruitment for any of these groups either, like some of the liberals claim will happen by giving assholes a platform to speak.

Yiannopoulos on Real Time with Bill Maher was absolute brilliance yet liberals threw a hissy fit. Never mind that Maher gave no serious discussion in that interview. He gave no weight nor substance to Milo as a person. Thus, it was only a matter of days afterward when Milo’s whole world came crashing down around him.

Maher stole Milos power by showing how childish and meaningless his words and beliefs were.

That’s how we win as liberals.


While your sensitivity alarms have been ringing like the Liberty Bell in 1776, Trump’s administration has been gutting core liberal policies.

We are all impressed with the clever names that you’ve given to Trump in your well-photoshopped memes but how about being a part of the thousands of people who took to the streets?

In the time that you’ve dedicated your intellectual superiority to ridiculing obnoxious trolls, you could have been filing into town hall and city commissioner meetings to speak truth to power.

I’ve noticed that the progressive armchair quarterbacks have been missing from active participation in civil disobedience. Nearly everyone I’ve seen at these face to face fuck yous seem to be people much older than myself.

Where are my little punk rockers and social media warriors?

Too busy shopping at Trader Joe’s and smoothing out our skin for that perfect look on Instagram?

My dear friends we’re falling for the oldest sleight of hand tricks and streets of New York three card monte games. The shadowy figures in the Trump administration are the David Blaine’s of politics. You’re acting like an 11-year-old looking for the missing Queen of Hearts palmed in the grifter’s left hand.

You’re all so jacked up about border walls and the repeal of the ACA (which will NEVER be repealed) that you’re missing some serious shit that this government is pursuing and quite honestly- winning at.


Trump almost commanded the fucking National Guard to round up undocumented immigrants in this country for Christ’s sake. ICE is on fire right now by having a presidential mandate to be judge, jury and executioner of people whose only crime committed is that they came to this country to find life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The EPA rollbacks for coal and textile factories will have devastating effects on our water supply. Transgender protections in public schools have been rescinded which causing an untold amount of young people to feel vilified. The pricks approved for cabinet positions are in place to deconstruct the very policies these agencies are there to protect.

Stop writing fucking memes and trolling assholes that have no power. Once you physically get involved and invest your time and presence in these fights, by all means, post away. Until then, you are part of the problem. Your altruism is fake but you have a chance to make it right.

Here are some links for you to stop being a loud mouth whiner and join the resistance:

Southern Poverty Law Center :: Indivisible :: Town Hall Project :: ACLU :: Countable :: The Sentencing Project :: Humanwire :: HandsOn Broward :: Resistance Recess :: Move On

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