Burial/headstone fundraiser in honor of Clarence “Blowfly” Reid

It’s been a sad musical month around the world, but for South Florida music lovers it has been particular tough with the passing of beloved musical legend and pioneer Clarence Reid, better known by his dirty alter-ego, Blowfly.

After struggling with the tax man in 2014 over his house, Reid was able to live out in relative comfort his final year while enduring a battle with liver cancer. A musician until the very end, his final recording, the aptly titled 77 Rusty Trombones, will become available this February on what would’ve been his 77th birthday.

The story of Reid’s fortunes vanishing over bad deals is anathema by this point and, like all good curses, it bites until the very end. It will be funny to see how many rappers name-drop him now.

Here is a statement from Reid’s management and his sister, Virginia B. Lawrence:

“Hello, My name is Virgina B Lawrence. I am Clarence Reid’s sister and spokesperson for his family. Together with Tom Bowker, Clarence’s manager, we applied for a grant from a prominent music charity to cover Clarence’s funeral expenses. Our award fell far short of the amount needed to give Clarence a dignified burial and funeral. Unfortunately, due to the the size of our grant, we are forced to ask fans of  Clarence Reid and Blowfly once more for help.

Clarence was a musical giant who deserves to be honored. The funeral is in a week and we are on a tight deadline to pay for it and the burial.

God Bless you all. Your help is most appreciated.



If you can help, please do and if you can’t do it financially, spread the word, sharing is good. When we share, we all rap dirty and that’s a 10-4 good buddy.

Please click here for donations.

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