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September 7th music hoarders celebrated the first ever Cassette Store Day. Some say the sleeping ugly square faced cousin has awoken and noticed the elder kin getting all the attention it had dreamt of since the release of its glamorous, shiny back younger nephew the CD stepped in the way in the mid 80’s. The cassette found itself on rotary racks in the middle of nowhereland gas stations. They still stock original releases of Weezer‘s blue album. Wrapped in yellowing, crackling plastic.These are treasures to some.

The almost flat-lining of the late night sessions of recording from deck to deck are happening again with honest DIYers.

Cassettes have carried the important responsibility of binding a person or a group together with secret messages on the face or the personal mixtape of the songs. Midnight drives in a Cherokee stuffed with eight too many. Everyone had their comp in their backpack or jacket pocket. It didn’t matter where you went but for some reason your friends knew you had the right tape near by to accompany the occasion. Played and collected like a prized possessions.

This Cassette Store Day, Portland Based label Cassingle and Loving It Records will be releasing its first compilation Friends and Acquaintances.

Tuffgnarl was able to get a little Q&A with Cassingles.

What is and who are Cassingle and Loving It Records?
Cassingle and Loving It Records is a cassette label run out of Portland, OR. It is operated by Rachel Rhymes and Em Brownlowe.

Who was the first Cassingles artist you released?
Rachel was interested in releasing Em’s band, The Happening back in 2011. Rachel had the idea of doing a cassette tape label for awhile and thought it would be a good first release. Em, who also had interest in starting a label and had a ton of contacts from being a musician, offered to help Rachel expand the label and bring new artists in.


What is the new Cassingles comp coming out?
The first Cassingle tape compilation is entitled Friends and Acquaintances. It features 20 bands from mostly the Pacific Northwest. Including A Happy Death, The Prids, Broken Water, Week Of Wonders, Genders, Lunch, Charts, and many more.

Who are the latest additions to the Cassingles line up?
We are stoked to announce we just made a deal with Portland “soft grunge” trio, The Ghost Ease. They are currently on a west coast tour and have plans to tour the east coast this fall.

Who was the first visual artist that caught your eye?
Our friend Matthew Nicely is a brilliant visual artist. He does all of our release party posters, and has done some tape cover art for us including The Happening’s “Piranha” and Benjamin Schoos w/ Laetitia Sadier and Mark Gardener cassingle.

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