SHOW REVIEW: Colombia’s I.R.A. at Kreepy Tiki 03-05-17

The last time I saw Colombia’s quintessential punk band I.R.A. (Infexion Respiratoria Aguda) was back in 2004. Harry from the Knumbskulls along with some other people in the scene helped launch a U.S. tour for the band starting at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. The band totally annihilated that night and 13 years later I can […]

COMIC REVIEW: Corey Lewis’ Sun Bakery #1

Sun Bakery #1 Written and Drawn by: Corey Lewis Published by Image Comics What is Sun Bakery? This here is an ongoing comic book anthology magazine, meaning, there are a bunch of stories in here, some will be ongoing, some one-shots, all of them super fun. – Corey Lewis from his introduction. The comic book […]

Record Review: The Holy Terrors – Live Six – 25th Anniversary Reissue

1992 was an interesting year in South Florida’s music history. The scene was large and prolific enough to afford stark divisions. The primary divide was between the mostly Miami-based contingent of punk rockers and weirdos and the mostly Broward-based “serious” would-be rock stars. The division was deep enough for noise guru Rat Bastard to design […]

Album Review: The Gods Themselves – “Be My Animal”

Like a great stew, the third album by Seattle power trio, The Gods Themselves both highlights its  influences and main ingredients and elevates them into an entirely new dish. On the title track of ”Be My Animal” singer/guitarist Astra Elane sets the tone by making waves of Jesus & Mary Chain surf guitar reverb and […]


Buddhism has always been kind of a counterculture calling card in American society. Unconventional thinkers seem to find themselves drawn to Eastern religions masquerading as philosophical ideas. Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism often encompass nontraditional beliefs that appear revolutionary in a society as vanilla and repressive as ours. The Beat Generation of the ’40s and ’50s searched out alternative […]

Comics Review: ‘Prophet’ Volume 5: Earth War

So here we are in 2017, twenty-five years after the creation of Image Comics, and I am about to sing the praises about a Rob Liefeld creation. (In Rob’s defense some of his ’90s stuff might have failed a bit in execution but were good ideas otherwise.) Stranger things have happened this year, but for comic […]

Review: ANTiSEEN: The Southern Hostility Demos

Punk Rock is the real “It’s a Small World” ride. Between the beginning of 1992 and 1993, I went from getting blown away by the raw skronk of ANTiSEEN’s 1991 opus “Southern Hostility” to interviewing them for a fanzine, booking them at Washington Square on Miami Beach (RIP) and dealing with their dirty dishes in […]


In the mid-’80s punk rock was a state of mind more than a style of music. Yes the music was important but if you were D.I.Y. and were doing it with integrity the punk scene would welcome you with open arms. Punk record labels like SST, Cruz, Dischord, Slash had a roster that encompassed bands […]

Movie Review: Passengers

Good science fiction is supposed to do two things: say something about the time we live in raise questions. On that front Norwegian director Morten Tyldum does an adequate job in his latest project, Passengers. I can’t help but admit to having my interests piqued at the social quandaries presented in this film, like income inequality […]

Wayne Manor Study in Lego.

TOY REVIEW: Lego Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave

Who doesn’t love the old Batman TV show? No one, that’s who! Now I could bemoan the end of the excellent Batman ’66 comic. I could laud the recent animated “Return of the Caped Crusaders.” Instead let’s talk Lego, because I recently put together the huge Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave along with my wife. […] staff picks: The Best of 2016

We here at are just as exhausted with 2016 as you are. A cavalcade of celebrity deaths, a historically ugly and divisive presidential election, daily terrorist attacks and shootings… The list goes on. Suffice it to say, this year was rough. But in entertainment, 2016 was one of the finest years in recent memory […]

Interview: Catching Up With Mike Diana

Mike Diana is a unique figure in the underground comics world. Not only is his work unlike anything else, he is also the first person in United States history to be found guilty on an obscenity charge for his own art. As a teenager, a Florida court ruled that his ‘zine and mini-comic, Boiled Angel, was […]

Interview: Catching Up With Jim Mahfood

Artist Jim Mahfood has drawn and painted in both worlds of art and pop-culture for well over two decades now. His pen and brush strokes can found on comics, canvases, murals, album covers, and even the human body. Getting his start in ‘zines and mini-comics by self-publishing 40 Oz. Comics, he eventually got a gig drawing […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Vagrant Stomp

Vagrant Stomp may be a newer band in the Fort Lauderdale scene but they bring with them a fire most of their punk elders have forgotten about. In your face and fierce Vagrant Stomp pulls no punches they just bringth the punk. How exactly does one end up with a band name like Vagrant Stomp? […]

INTERVIEW: Five Questions with Armageddon Man

You know how in ’80s movies there was always a bad boy that the female protagonist always had the hots for (think EVERY Charlie Sheen role from that decade) and the parental figure would always say something along the lines of “Not with that boy you’re not!” or “You’re going to give your father a heart attack!” […]