Record Review: The Holy Terrors – Live Six – 25th Anniversary Reissue

1992 was an interesting year in South Florida’s music history. The scene was large and prolific enough to afford stark divisions. The primary divide was between the mostly Miami-based contingent of punk rockers and weirdos and the mostly Broward-based “serious” would-be rock stars. The division was deep enough for noise guru Rat Bastard to design a flyer illustrating it. The […]

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Buddhism has always been kind of a counterculture calling card in American society. Unconventional thinkers seem to find themselves drawn to Eastern religions masquerading as philosophical ideas. Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism often encompass nontraditional beliefs that appear revolutionary in a society as vanilla and repressive as ours. The Beat Generation of the ’40s and ’50s searched out alternative ways of expressing spirituality and the […]

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INTERVIEW: “Felony” Charles Bennett talks Wanderlei Silva, going to jail, nicknames and Island Fights

Before there was ever a “Florida Man,” there was Charles Bennett. Among the most athletically gifted fighters to grace MMA in its history, Bennett, despite a mediocre professional record, remains one of the most dangerous competitors in the lower weight divisions. A veteran of PRIDE Fighting Championships, King of the Cage, EliteXC, ShowXC, CFA and, more recently, Rizin Fighting, Bennett’s almost […]

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Movie Review: Passengers

Good science fiction is supposed to do two things: say something about the time we live in raise questions. On that front Norwegian director Morten Tyldum does an adequate job in his latest project, Passengers. I can’t help but admit to having my interests piqued at the social quandaries presented in this film, like income inequality still being a thing, how […]

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We here at are just as exhausted with 2016 as you are. A cavalcade of celebrity deaths, a historically ugly and divisive presidential election, daily terrorist attacks and shootings… The list goes on. Suffice it to say, this year was rough. But in entertainment, 2016 was one of the finest years in recent memory in terms of quality, selection, accessibility […]

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