Five Questions with Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets

Johnny Sexfuk and the Fleshrockets bust unto the Miami scene in 2004 and have consistently put out solid music ever since. They’re veterans of punk rock who’s members have been active in one way or another for the better part of 20+ years. It was a great treat to catch us with Johnny Sexfuck and […]

INTERVIEW: Five Questions with The Antidont’s

I first wrote about the Antidont’s back in August of 2014 in a review for their debut album “32oz to Failure” for my popular “5 Records That You Need To Jump On” series. The band has managed to not only survive the horrors that is Port Charlotte they’ve managed to hone their craft and get even better. […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Neopolitan

Neopolitan‘s music brings to mind a mix of Miami 80s themes and at times gives the vibe of Goblin sans instruments. It’s original and much needed in this scene where shitty DJs and electronica have lost there way. I chatted with Pedro Caignet about the band and its influences. Neopolitan’s music seems familiar yet it’s nothing that anyone can […]

INTERVIEW: 5 Questions with Fabio Destroyio of The GAZMS

The GAZMS are one of those bands that came out of nowhere and just basically upped the game in Miami. They’re a solid three-piece with all substance and no filler. I recently chatted with The GAZMS’ vocalist/ guitarist Fabio Destroyio to talk shop, Miami, Trump and punk rock’s future. Fabio you’ve fronted and played in a […]

World War KISS


Ben Katzman believes in the power of rock and roll (or rok n rol as he calls it). His love for it is infectious and it’s difficult to either see him perform live or talk to him and NOT be converted to the way he sees it. Now he’s put pen to paper and brought the […]

REVIEW: Love and Rockets Vol. IV #1

    If you’ve had even the slightest interest in indie comics, or comics in general for the past 30 years, then you’ve heard about Love and Rockets and its creators the Hernandez Bros., Jaime, and Gilbert. As two of the leaders of the alternative comics movement of the early 80s, the brothers have been a constant presence, […]

Bob Fingerman

Interview: Maximum Bob Fingerman

Bob Fingerman has had a career in comics and illustration for decades. He has worked on everything from humor magazines (Cracked/National Lampoon), mainstream properties (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures), album covers (The Toasters) and adult magazines (High Times/Penthouse). He has also written novels (You Deserved It/Zombie World: Winter’s Dregs & Other Stories) and produced covers and […]

INTERVIEW: Catching up with Cristy C. Road

Cristy C. Road is a powerhouse of punk. A feminist, artist, musician, and life-long writer, Cristy has been contributing to the scene that inspired her for most of her teenage and adult life. But she has also found ways to bridge that punkiness with her Latina heritage and childhood. It has led to an exploration of […]

REVIEW: Que Lastima / Octo Gato / Sunnyvale at Propaganda

This past Friday, Lake Worth’s de facto punk venue Propaganda played host to one of the top five best local shows of the year – Que Lastima, Octo Gato and Sunnyvale. As I walked into the club the sounds of Octo Gato pulled me in and didn’t let go. I had to remind myself that […]

Review: Patience by Daniel Clowes

“A COSMIC TIMEWARP DEATHTRIP TO THE PRIMORDIAL INFINITE OF EVERLASTING LOVE BY DANIEL CLOWES.” That’s the description written on the back cover of the new Daniel Clowes graphic novel, Patience (published by Fantagraphics), and it is an apt one indeed. Clowes’ work has always been strange. Even when grounded in reality, like Ghost World, there […]

Review: Minimum Wage Book Two: So Many Bad Decisions

A new Minimum Wage comic is always cause for celebration, and with his new home at Image, Bob Fingerman has found a publisher who is quick to collect the individual issues into reasonably priced editions. I picked up Book 2, “So Many Bad Decisions” on a Thursday and had blown through it by Friday. That’s […]

Interview: Catching up with Ain’t It Cool’s “Quint” (AKA Eric Vespe)

Ain’t It Cool? News (AICN) was one of the pioneers of fan-based journalism. During the internet’s infancy, AICN bypassed the exclusivity of main stream press and fed readers inside scoops, reviews and interviews served on a familiar and homegrown plate. Writer Eric Vespe, AKA “Quint” was there from the beginning, and has since become one of the the site’s most […]

REVIEW: Riot Fest / Misfits Reunion Denver

Denver, you are beautiful. As I stepped off the plane weed fell from the sky; literally. Not being one to generally partake in the wilds of shrubbery, I was still impressed. However, Riot Fest was not as impressive, except the Misfits. The Misfits were everything they should have been. The word epic is bandied about […]