Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft Graphic Novel Review

Locke and Key is a slow but interesting new horror series. The story of Locke and Key starts out with a family moving to Lovecraft, Massachusetts after the events of their father/husband being murdered in front of them. The kids, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode along with their mother Nina now live in an ancestral family […]

Man of Steel Review

The film making scale of Man of Steel is right for the character. When Superman fights a group of Supermen it should basically bankrupt every insurance company on the planet. It should also make for buckets of popcorn being vacuum consumed by an engaged theater going public. The acting in Man of Steel was superb. […]

Constantine Issues 1-3

Constantine, one of recently new comic book titles from DC new 52  has some pretty interesting covers (with the exception of the first issue). Issues two and three have these images of John Constantine being killed,  even though none of  the events of him being killed actually happens. It’s almost like the artist has some […]

Justice League of America Issues 1 & 2

Oh, boy! What a great concept, Geoff Johns.  Let’s put together a team of killers, robbers, untrained superheroes, and other unstable heroes in one group. Nothing can go wrong with that.( As I sigh to myself.)  DC New 52 (Should we still call it new? It’s been a year already) has started from potentially good […]