SUBSCRIPTION BOX REVIEW: Loot Crate (December 2014)

If you are anything like me, for the last year or so you have been watching with mild fascination as a persistent, but somewhat surreptitious, offer for Loot Crate subscription boxes has peppered your Facebook feed(also, you are overweight). More precisely, your attention has been drawn by the promise of a lot of neat-stuff-in-a-box for […]

Groom Like a Grownup – the Lather

For many wet shavers, one of the hardest things to master is the lather. By lather, I mean the soap or shaving cream coating on the face which enables the razor to slide across the face more efficiently. For wet shavers, there is a lot more to this than a can of shaving cream, since […]

Groom Like a Grownup – Make Your Own Pre-Shave Oil

After that rant I gave on wet shaving, I thought I’d share a little DIY trick that could make a world of difference to your face and how effective your shave is; a pre-shave oil. A very popular yet expensive lavender pre-shave oil is sold at the Art of Shaving for $25 for 2 ounces. […]

Groom Like A Grownup – A Primer on Wet Shaving

So, we’ve covered clothing when it comes to style. But what about hygiene? Let’s talk a little about facial hair. As for me personally, I’ve had goatees, mustaches, full beards, and a fully bald face with sideburns. There was a long time where I rocked a full beard for two reasons: I was insecure about […]

I Found My Summer Shorts: The Tommy Short from Cotton On

Welcome back. In our last installment, I talked about finding a good pair of shorts for the summer, and in my own hunt for said shorts I came across a great find that I wanted to share: The Tommy Short from Cotton On. These cotton chino shorts are comfortable, a good fit (for my body […]

look like a grownup (who loves to party) with The Blazer Bros

One evening I was browsing eBay on the random quest for a bright red blazer. When I found a seller who had such a garment, it led me to The Blazer Bros, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in the most off-the-wall jackets one could want. I dropped them a line out of curiosity and a week later I […]

My T-shirt Didn’t Fit and It (Almost) Ruined My Life

Welcome back, everyone. So in our last installment, I went on a rant about how a t-shirt should fit you in order to compliment your build. Unlike some scientists who experiment on animals, and such, I tried all of this on myself. As often happens with us guys, we hold onto t-shirts for a LONG […]

Your T-shirt Doesn’t Fit and it’s Ruining Your Life

Hello and welcome back! I know we’ve been talking about a more sophisticated look with the navy blazer and all, but let’s take a look at something that’s in every guy’s closet: the t-shirt. We all have them, in numbers. Now, how do we work this into our whole “Look like a grownup” thing, you […]

Fashion Poet Annie Vazquez Talks Industry, Summer Looks and 4/20 Makeup

Three years ago, Annie Vazquez got a call from her inner self that prompted a jump into the ether of self-employment. Combining a background in teaching and freelance journalism with a keen eye for fashion trends, she has slowly built herself up into one of the leading voices in South Florida concerning the fashion industry. She’s a regular […]

Look like a Grownup, Dammit! (With Style)

Welcome back, people. So, we’ve discussed why a navy blazer (or any sport jacket for that matter) is a versatile, cornerstone piece in your wardrobe. Then we talked about how to get one and how it should fit you. Now that you have this great fitting jacket that goes with (almost) everything, you must be […]

Look like a grownup, dammit!

As I have grown into the man I am today, I can definitely say that I have not been the model of a well-dressed individual; well as far dressing like an “adult” goes anyway. Being from the punk rock scene, I prided myself on dressing different, like an individual. I have plenty of pairs of […]