2015 NFL Season Preview

While most don’t look forward to the end of summer, I differ from that point of view. “Why?” you may ask. One simple reason, football is back, baby! That wonderfully entertaining game, the sound clashing of polycarbonate helmets against each other in a symphonic orchestra, the mountaintop highs of winning and the valley depths of […]

College Football Bowl Preview Part 3

As we get closer to the New Year we are nearing the end of the college football bowl season. To see my previous predictions of this series click here for the first and here for second.   (19) Auburn (8-4) vs (18) Wisconsin (10-3) Outback Bowl, Tampa, FL, Raymond James Stadium, Thu., Jan. 1, 12:00 p.m. […]

College Football Bowl Preview Part 2

We have a few days of bowl games behind us but fear not because we have so many more games to go. If you missed my previous predictions click here.   Cincinnati (9-3) vs Virginia Tech (6-6) Military Bowl, Annapolis, MD, Navy-Marine Corps. Stadium, Sat., Dec. 27, 1:00 p.m. ET To what should be an […]

College Football Bowl Preview Part 1

When the holiday season begins the college football season ends. But fear not for there is a month of glorious bowl games that begins on Saturday in New Orleans and culminates with the first ever college football playoff final at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, home of the Cowboys. Below is the first part of […]

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FANTASY FOOTBALL – Considering strength of schedule

Week six is over and the season is about halfway through. For many of you with middling records, it feels like your team is third and five in enemy territory, fans are pounding on the plastic seats and the Jaws music is playing. It’s time to make a smart play. If you’re 5-1 or better, […]

FANTASY FOOTBALL – Waiver Wire grabs for week 5

In a weekend of blowout comebacks, it was the Giants who embarrassed the Redskins, the Buccaneers who pulled a big win out of the narrows of oblivion, the Chiefs who exploited the aging Patriots and the Vikings who plumed the Falcons. It felt good to see underdogs win and to hear some new names being […]

FANTASY FOOTBALL: Analyzing the First-Round Picks

How important are first-round picks in fantasy football, and how clearly does off-season hype translate into regular season production? In the summer, we find ourselves swept up in the excitement, scrolling reports ad nauseam for analysis, creating handwritten cheat sheets and completing countless mock drafts. Eventually, it all seems for naught as we realize teenage-level […]

2014 NFL Season Preview

With the start of the 2015 NFL season right around the corner I wanted to give you a quick preview of all 32 teams. Arizona Cardinals – Last Season (10-6) The Cardinals have benefitted from picking up Carson Palmer last season. With the offensive line upgraded in the offseason I expect Carson Palmer to have […]


There are three things guaranteed in life: death, taxes and the newest Madden coming out at the end of summer. Just released in the 26th and latest installment of the franchise is Madden NFL 15. Currently the game is only available on the big four platforms (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One). As always, […]

Why You Should Follow The Premier League

Have you found yourself watching soccer but you don’t know who’s playing or who to cheer for? Or have you wanted to get into soccer but you never knew how? Yeah? Great! Well I can give you some help to get you on the way. First off, I would recommend watching the Premier League. Officially […]

College sports are abysmal, and you are to blame for it

If you are not completely disgusted with college sports, you have not been paying attention in the last decade.  Tonight, Jameis Winston won the Heisman Memorial Trophy, an award given to the nation’s best college football player.  He accepted this award amidst rape allegations.  Accusations of sexual battery were brought against Winston in December of […]