Interview: Shredding and brush strokes with Juan Montoya

If you grew up going to shows in the Miami and South Florida music scene in the ’90s, then you have heard Juan Montoya, even if you don’t know him. Serving lengthy stints in many bands, including Ed Matus’ Struggle, CAVITY, and Torche, Juan’s guitar playing has fallen loudly on numerous eager and welcoming ears. Outside […]

Best looking beer labels: part 4

Sometimes when you try a new beer you pick it because of its name but if you’re like me then you select it because of it’s label. When you’re lucky the can or the label is just as aesthetically beautiful as the brew you’re consuming is delicious. Below are the ten more of my favorite […]

Review: Comedian Eric Andre @ Gramps

Prankster and host to one of the most bizarre television shows in history Eric Andre started his U.S. comedy tour in what state of Florida officials are calling the epicenter of the zika virus – Wynwood, Fl. a.k.a. Miami’s Design District and more specifically at a venue called GRAMPS. I wasn’t sure what to expect […]


Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music and records. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out. Natterers – Demo ‘16   Short and to the point UK punk rock. These are fucking anthems. What’s there not to like? Someone sign the Natterers already! Demo ’16 […]

Is Biscayne Block Boyz Miami’s Magnum Opus?

Miami’s public transportation has always been a fucked up affair. Back in the late ‘90s I saw a UFO while waiting to catch a bus from Sweetwater to Downtown Miami I know I wasn’t crazy because this Jehovah Witness bitch saw it too. Up until now that had been the weirdest shit I’d seen when […]

The 7 best jazz themed beers

This past Saturday was International Jazz Day. Because of the international appeal of jazz, many breweries have honored the most esteemed musicians of this genre by naming a few of their beers after them. Below are seven of my favorite jazz musicians and the beer named after them.   1. Miles Davis First off is […]

The best looking beer labels: Part 3

Beer is a form of culinary art and sometimes, if you’re lucky, the can or label is just as aesthetically beautiful as the brew you’re consuming is delicious. Below are the ten more of the best looking beer labels. You can find the previous entries in this series below: Part One Part Two 1. Great Lakes […]

Podcast: Tim Moffatt & DJ Skidmark discuss malt liquor, X-Files, Churchill’s Pub and Ft. Lauderdale taking over Miami’s music scene

Podcast Track Listing: 1.   The Knumbskullz  “Ridge Rats” 2.   Thee Wilt Chamberlain “X-Files Theme” 3.   Rhinorino “Today” 4.   Baby Horror “Horror Hotel” 5.   Room Full of Strangers “Guest Bath” 6.   Flores Robadas “Reves” 7.   TacoCat “I Hate the Weekend” 8.   Mean Jeans “Nite Vision” 9.   AC Cobra “Pound of Flesh” 10. Chickenhead “Chickenhead won […]

Wine Review: Pourriture Noble 04: Tegernseerhof’s Terrassen Riesling Federspiel

The Noble Rot: a botrytis fungus (Botrytis cinerea) that infects various usually overripe wine grapes causing shriveling, which results in increased sugar and flavor content and is responsible for the characteristic flavor of sauternes and related wines. [Merriam-Webster]   Though small, the Wachau region of northern Austria is one of the more important Riesling growers […]

10 more of the best looking beer labels

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve drank a few beers in my day because of what a label looked like. While I didn’t always enjoy the beer, I did enjoy looking at the label. Below are ten more of the best looking beer labels. You can find my previous picks here. 1. Uinta Brewing, […]

12 more beers of Christmas: part 2

Tis the season to knock back a few Christmas beers. Below are the final six beers you need to drink this year before Christmas. You can find last week’s picks here or last year’s picks for part one and here for part two.   1. Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper There are many things to like […]

12 more beers of Christmas: part 1

One of the best ways to help bring in the holiday season is partaking in Christmas beer. Last year I presented 12 of the best Christmas brews that you can drink (find part one here and part two here) and because you’ve all been good this year I wanted to give you 12 more.   […]

Tonight: United Teachers of Dade and Ronin Pro Wrestling benefit school nonprofit

Tonight, the United Teachers of Dade (UTD),  Ronin Pro Wrestling, the Florida Education Association and the PTA/PTSA of Miami-Dade County are joining forces to deliver an evening of exciting, high-flying pro wrestling competition to benefit My Life My Power (MLMP), an anti-bullying and youth development nonprofit  founded by undefeated mixed martial arts competitor and WWE […]

The 10 best looking beer labels

Not all beer is created equal. To help move bottles and cans off the shelf, many breweries have come up with some phenomenal designs for their products. Below are 10 of the best looking beer labels.   1. Evil Twin Brewing, Hipster Ale   2. Dogfish Head Brewery, Bitches Brew   3. Hilliard’s Beer, Boombox […]