Five shockingly strange ingredients in beer

Though many people like beer, most don’t really know what’s in it. While beer is mostly made from water, yeast, barley and hops, there are some beers that are crafted with other ingredients like fruit, sugar or even lactose to make incredibly fine tasting beers. Every now and then, a brewery will create a beer […]

6 more pumpkin beers to drink

There are two types of people in this world, those who love and enjoy pumpkin spice products and those who do not. For one, I am generally on the side of those who don’t partake in the ritual of pumpkin spice mania but I can wholeheartedly jump on ship with pumpkin beers. In my first […]

6 German Beers To Drink During Oktoberfest

Last year I told you which Oktoberfest/Märzen beers you should try during the few weeks that make up Oktoberfest. You can find that article here. If you’ve already had those and want to try some other delicious German beers then read on.   1. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Our first beer is a Hefeweizen that comes from […]

Election 2016: Whoever Wins, We Lose

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, I encourage you all to get out of bed, lock your front door, draw your shades, order in, and binge-watch reruns of a beloved television show on Netflix. Most importantly, I encourage you to avoid any polling stations and urge you not to exercise your right to vote. Your mother […]

10 More Funny Beer Names

A few weeks ago I listed a few of my favorite funny beer names. You can find that piece here. The problem is that there are so many more hilarious names out there, so for your consideration, I present another 10.   1. Tramp Stamp, Clown Shoes, Belgian IPA, 7%.   2. Soft Dookie, Evil […]

20 of the funniest named beers out right now

Brewers are wonderfully talented individuals. They are akin to master chefs who can take a pile of ingredients and turn it into deliciously tasting art. Sometimes these same Brewers come up with witty and punny names for their work. For your consideration here are 20 of the funniest named beers out right now.   1. Hell or […]

#Debauch2015 Interview: Carla X

Photo by Neil Cohen Photography Carla X is no stranger to amazing South Florida parties and is often considered a force to be reckoned with in the alternative/industrial nightclub scene. Beside dancing Carla is also a talented makeup artist, cosmetologist, gun aficionado and just a really funny human being. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. X outside […]

# Debauch2015 Interview: Christian Clarke of The Riot Act

Photo by Chuck Livid. I was given the chance to sit down with Christian Clarke, singer-songwriter for The Riot Act, a south Florida rock band with musical roots from all over the map. He was kind enough to answer some of my questions about music and about being an entertainer. We talked over excellent tacos […]

7 beers you need to try on IPA Day

This upcoming Thursday, August 6th, is IPA Day. It’s the third annual day where craft beer drinkers and beer snobs can celebrate this delicious golden and bitter beer. If you’re a run-of-the mill beer kind of guy, then you might not have ever had an IPA before. Normally the beer is between 6-7% alcohol by […]

Six of the best not-quite-beers for summer

It’s summertime and it’s hot out there. It’s so hot that chickens are laying hard boiled eggs! One of the best ways to combat this heat is a cool and sweet refreshing adult beverage, am I right? The beverages on this list are not quite beers, but are perfect for a hot and unclouded afternoon […]

Four ways to be a better adult

If you’ve clicked this link, chances are you are a young (by someone’s standards) adult hoping to get better at all this adulty stuff. Granted, it’s hard. I’m less than a week away from being 34 years old and if someone were to knock on my door and say, “Mr. Scheckner, we’d like to pay […]

What are England’s seven best beers?

Today marks the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. Many consider it as one of the most important documents ever written. Numerous countries have based their laws on it, including our own. While I could continue to extol the virtues of the Magna Carta, I’d rather discuss some of England’s other achievements, […]

8 Best Things About Tate’s Comics

  8. I have NEVER been to Tate’s and not found what I was looking for. Seriously if it exists they’ve got it.   7. Employees at comic book stores are not always the easiest or nicest of folks to deal with. Lucky for you the staff at Tate’s are courteous and surprisingly patient no matter […]

Building a Supergroup: Guitarists

As a guitar player this is a conversation I often seek out. I’ve debated it in many a forum, arguing passionately on behalf of my favorite players with a wide range of people (our own Jesse Scheckner, also a guitar player, included) because, truly, the electric guitar is the foundation of rock and blues music. The […]