Nathan’s Zine Review: 99MM, Jerk Store, Throat Culture

“You! Hands on the hood! Now!” That’s Police Officer no. 1. He has just exited his squad car with one hand on his gun and the other pointing a firm finger in my direction. This comes just moments after he had driven said squad car across an opposing lane and up onto the curb directly […]

Gnarly demon skull lady with pentagrams over her breasts, sticking her bloody middle finger up, behind a valentine's hearts plus pentagram pair with exaggerated digital artifact.

FICTION – Huge, Huge, Huge Pentagram

  I wrote this in 2011.  I am neither a Satanist nor a skater, I also try not to say the word “bitch”, though I totally have listened to a bunch of Christian death metal (by accident, and on purpose).     — My friends and I, when we were young and behaved like dolphin-harpoons […]

Selfie i n blood and wine medley in a bathtub

FICTION: Gamerz, B!

  This is actually a “newer” story that I wrote just two years ago but didn’t put out visibly.   — She tipped over the wine-glass, watched the contents drizzle out. This would not, she decided, be her privately acted-out “someone is filming my indie-movie life” moment. She would not be playing the corpse-to-be; the listless […]

Barista getting a gun pointed at his head, which is spitting out a zeta function curve. Lots of obsessive notes to himself in the background, too. Hand drawn, sort of.

FICTION: Good Morning, My Captain. Fuck.

  This story appeared previously in print in a college lit annual.  I wrote it about 11 years ago.  I still basically like it, though I’ve made some tiny embarrassment-mitigating edits. — I. The coffee machines whined and screamed and spelled out pipe organ serenades to soy substitute latte froths. The tips (coins) jingled in my […]

Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty

I’m really enjoying my Sunday mornings. As in, I slept in and according to a forensic analysis of my wallet, I apparently consumed 13 dollars’ worth of Burger King between 12:08 and 12:20 a.m. It’s beginning to look like the consumption of a St. Pauli Girl two-four throughout the day was potentially a bad idea. […]

Uprising: Michele Battiste takes TG to School

When I first picked up Michele Battiste’s Ink for an Odd Cartography a few years ago, I was drawn in by how this book of “modern poetry” actually felt modern. I’d felt those things, thought those things, and there it was in beautiful poetic form. With Ink as my  rubric for her work, I was almost […]

Seven Things To Be Excited About at SDCC

It is that time of year where the internet virtually catches fire with breaking news and can-you-believe-it announcements from the greatest place on earth. San Diego Comic Con has become the go-to for promoting new films, television series, and multi-media projects. What was once an esoteric (maybe even arcane) event, SDCC is now the biggest mainstream promotional […]

Five Things I Don’t Want to Wait For

The internet, as Neko Case said, is mostly bad TV. Aside from cat pictures, one positive thing the internet gives us (besides facilitating the occasional regime overthrowing) is the bevy of sneak peeks it affords us. When I was younger, our sneak peek of Super Mario Bros. 3 was a friend whose cousin heard “for sure” […]

Free Comic Book Day (South Florida Edition)

Free Comic Book Day is upon us again (Saturday, May 3rd). For those unfamiliar with the yearly event, it was started by Joe Field (owner of Flying Colors Comics) in 2002 after realizing that movies based on comic book characters could be key in bringing in new readership. Under the advice of then-Image Comics editor, Jim Valentino, […]

‘The Flamethrowers’ by Rachel Kushner – 5 out of 5 Stars

Rachel Kushner wrote the best novel of 2013. The author of ‘Telex From Cuba’ (2008) now sees her sophomore effort, ‘The Flamethrowers,’ as a 2013 National Book Award Finalist; her second go-round as a finalist in as many efforts (if you’re keeping score).  While book awards are not always indicative of artistic merit, ‘The Flamethrowers’ […]