Six Books for Those who Want to Skip Christmas

For those of us who dislike Christmas for whatever reason – maybe it was a bummer of a Holiday when you were young, maybe it reminds you of a loved one who is no longer with you, maybe you just don’t like the grab-n’-grunt consumerism that has eclipsed whatever spiritual meaning the day was supposed […]

‘Bleeding Edge’ by Thomas Pynchon

The most reclusive author in America strikes again and strikes hard with Bleeding Edge.  As any English student can tell you, the 76-year-old Thomas Pynchon does not do press, does not make public appearances, and does not really exist outside the pages of his fantastical novels.  He is so reclusive that, in fact, only two […]

‘Psychic Steampunk Parade’ by Gray Kane

With so much throwaway entertainment massing like a cancer, it’s easy for good fiction to slip past our net of awareness.  So much that we enjoy, things that were once bolstered partially by their esoteric nature alone, has become hegemonized, comodified, and slapped with a “For Sale” sticker.  As a result, consumers of intelligent entertainment […]

“Tampa” by Alissa Nutting Review

For the fifteen minutes that they became household names, the majority of Americans asked the same question of Carrie McCandless, Debra LaFave, and Sandra Beth Geisel: What possesses a grown woman, an attractive woman at that, to engage in a sexual relationship with a male minor? And we’ve all heard the jokes; men saying, “where was […]

Joyland Review

One of Stephen King’s most famous quotes is: “Death is when the monsters get you” …So Steve, when exactly did the Crimson King knock on your door? As a lifelong fan of this generations best author, I have to say, lately I can’t help but be a little disappointed. It was bad enough when he decided […]