Another Music Podcast Episode 308 – Joe Koontz (MC1 / AAA)

Recorded in front of a live audience at Laser Wolf on May 19th, 2017. Joe Koontz talks about playing in his one man band – MC1, Against All Authority‘s legacy and opens up about living with Marfan syndrome. Koontz performs three songs including a couple from his latest self-released LP “The MC1.” Stream/Buy MC1’s new record […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Death & the Reverend – S/T

FULL ALBUM: Death & the Reverend by Death & the Reverend Self-described as “Hymns and Evensongs for lost and lonely souls” Death & the Reverend have a blending of styles which makes them a challenge to classify. In a world saturated by similarity of music, Death & the Reverend provides fresh imagery of dry, dusty […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Barrio Tiger “Ave Maria”

Barrio Tiger’s new offering Ave Maria is a big dumb rock record filtered through the lens of late ’70s New York punk. It’s Turbonegro light with a touch of the Heartbreakers and a surging energy just itching to burst through the seams of its denim jacket. But this should come to no surprise to the […]

MUSIC REVIEW: The Sweet Things “Love to Leave” 7″

The Sweet Things clearly worship at the altar of the Rolling Stones, specifically the stride that starts with Let It Bleed and ends with Exile on Main Street. This is an oft tread path because those records are near perfection. However, the musical landscape is littered with the bones of half-assed Keith’s and Mick’s who […]

SHOW PREVIEW: PEARS at Propaganda in Lake Worth 05-18-17

Back in April 2015 we called then little known New Orleans band PEARS “punk rock’s last hope.” News of our proclamation spread like wildfire through Livejournal, Myspace, IRC, international news wires and most importantly to Fat Mike’s ears and within months PEARS signed to Fat Wreck Chords. Shortly thereafter pictures of the band hanging out […]

SHOW PREVIEW: Shonen Knife at Churchill’s Pub 05-05-17

Shonen Knife was formed by Naoko Yamano and Atsuko Yamano in Osaka, Japan in 1981 and since then has continued to write some of the catchiest songs ever put to wax. Most in the United States were first introduced to Shonen Knife from their shows opening for Nirvana in 1993 and the band’s multiple national television appearances in […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Spam Allstars – Trans-Oceanic

I’ve been hanging out at City of Progress Studios a lot this year working on the new Pookiesmackers record and I am so enjoying the chit/chat, electronic and gear experimentation and pauses to spin a record of reference that I sometimes forget we are making our own recording. City of Progress is the home studio […]

Music Review: Direct Hit! – Domesplitter

Punk rock has very little new twists to offer; groundbreaking isn’t the genre’s appeal anymore and considering many Misfits tunes are rehashed Ramones riffs all crimped from Chuck Berry and sped up; it’s arguable it ever was. However when the dynamics of what has always been punk’s bread and butter works; it can make the […]


Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music and records. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out. If you like what you hear support the musicians by buying their music and going to their shows. Don’t be a thieving asshole. Support artists. And no Spotify doesn’t count. […]

Show Preview: Miami Punk Rock High Reunion

When I was a middle schooler in my coming of age era in the mid 70’s rock and roll was a big deal. Lucky for me just a bike ride away was a place called Record Haven. It was directly across the street from what would be my Rock and Roll High School (McArthur) and […]

Mango Hill Records Comes Out Scorching

Mango Hill Records is a new platform for music releases out of Miami who’s brainchild is Jason Joshua Hernandez. Jason is the leader of Miami’s premiere soul unit Ketchy Shuby and he has organized with friends a new label to put out the best of new soul, funk, spoken word and whatnot from the area […]

CONCERT REVIEW: I Was Saved By Willie Nelson

My wife was given a Ticketmaster gift card for Christmas last year and we really did not know what to do with it. Playing in a local band has made me sway away from these bigger shows just due to the ungodly high price tickets have become. That is before all the service, convenience and […]

SHOW REVIEW: Colombia’s I.R.A. at Kreepy Tiki 03-05-17

The last time I saw Colombia’s quintessential punk band I.R.A. (Infexion Respiratoria Aguda) was back in 2004. Harry from the Knumbskulls along with some other people in the scene helped launch a U.S. tour for the band starting at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. The band totally annihilated that night and 13 years later I can […]

Record Review: The Holy Terrors – Live Six – 25th Anniversary Reissue

1992 was an interesting year in South Florida’s music history. The scene was large and prolific enough to afford stark divisions. The primary divide was between the mostly Miami-based contingent of punk rockers and weirdos and the mostly Broward-based “serious” would-be rock stars. The division was deep enough for noise guru Rat Bastard to design […]

Album Review: The Gods Themselves – “Be My Animal”

Like a great stew, the third album by Seattle power trio, The Gods Themselves both highlights its  influences and main ingredients and elevates them into an entirely new dish. On the title track of ”Be My Animal” singer/guitarist Astra Elane sets the tone by making waves of Jesus & Mary Chain surf guitar reverb and […]

Review: ANTiSEEN: The Southern Hostility Demos

Punk Rock is the real “It’s a Small World” ride. Between the beginning of 1992 and 1993, I went from getting blown away by the raw skronk of ANTiSEEN’s 1991 opus “Southern Hostility” to interviewing them for a fanzine, booking them at Washington Square on Miami Beach (RIP) and dealing with their dirty dishes in […]