From pundits and politicians to the Trumpsters and progressives, I feel like punching America in the throat. This must be a fucking Twilight Zone episode or at the very least some M. Night Shyamalan midnight movie. I’ve actually missed my deadline for this column twice this week because of the constant all-hells-breaking-loose news alerts splashing […]

Philanthropy Miami 2016 “Shark Tank”

Philanthropy Miami 2016 is using the “Shark Tank” model this year in its grant-giving competition. While all of the second round contenders are worthy of the prize, only four will go on to the next round. This second phase is determined by the public’s vote and as I’ve been a part of the DESIGN YOUR […]

Election 2016: Whoever Wins, We Lose

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, I encourage you all to get out of bed, lock your front door, draw your shades, order in, and binge-watch reruns of a beloved television show on Netflix. Most importantly, I encourage you to avoid any polling stations and urge you not to exercise your right to vote. Your mother […]

The Case Against The Case Against Kratom

It has come to my attention that Kratom is up for illegalization in the state of Florida some time this year. This gets under my skin for a variety of reasons and I’m going to discuss them with you. Firstly, Kratom is perfectly natural; it grows right out of the ground. Secondly, the reasons for […]

BREAKING: USA Responds to North Korea’s Sony Cyber Attack

Sony Pictures and cinemas across the country may succumb to North Korea’s demands for censorship of Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview but we Americans won’t idly stand by. So fuck you Kim Jong-un from TuffGnarl.com. Oh and one last thing- AMERICA FUCK YEAH! Video embedded from archive.org. Slider photo property of Columbia Pictures. Share this story:1

The Young Musicians Organization Needs Your Help on Give Miami Day

Sammy Gonzalez is one of the most dedicated musicians in South Florida. Aside from his music career, Gonzalez is one of those few individuals who have put their money where their mouth is. A product of an after-school free music lesson program himself, Gonzalez is one of South Florida’s most distinguished guitarists and, for the […]

RIP James Foley – An American Journalist

I’ve had plenty of time to churn over the death of James Foley since the militant organization the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released the video of his beheading. I am half Arab and I hate the demonizing that groups of that nature bring to my people, but I also understand to a […]

Keeping Art Safe is a Dangerous Endeavor

  Last week, the School Board in Wilson County, Tennessee voted 3-1 to remove Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The ruling was subsequently reversed and the book – about an autistic teen investigating the death of a neighbor’s dog – was placed back onto the school curriculum, which had […]

Can Access to the Internet Have an Effect on Poverty?

This article presupposes that if you give people the tools then they will learn to fix their own problems, close to home, without intervention. The old adage goes, “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.” If you have no tools, your problems don’t look like nails. They more […]

The Weight of Morality: Analyzing the Death Penalty Debate

Convicted killer Clayton Lockett’s death sentence was carried out earlier this week and, due to a ruptured vein, it took more than thirty minutes before he expired. While left-leaning publications aim to titillate and disgust readers with gory depictions of Lockett clenching his teeth in pain and right-leaning publications posit that he who makes others suffer […]