Young Musicians’ Annual Fundraiser this Friday at the Light Box in Wynwood

Sammy Gonzalez might best be known to our locals and beyond as Jacobs Ladder’s bass player. However, to South Floridians and the musical future of our youth, Sammy has been instrumental in developing the Young Musicians Organization which aims ” to enrich the lives of children and youth by providing free after-school music programs to schools […]

Help Us, Obi-Wan, Our Country Has Become a Joke

We literally live in the most hyperbolic period ever. (hold for laughter) But seriously, folks, what’s the deal with this government shut down? Did the political machine blow a gasket? Is the cloak room being sprayed for pests? Can we fit any more puns into this opening paragraph? If you follow the news, follow Twitter, […]

To Bleed, or Not to Bleed.

President Obama stated a few days ago that he has decided that we should intervene in the Middle East, yet again. He was careful not to use the words, “conduct an invasion of,” or “declare war on,” Syria. Senator Kerry made a speech supporting this action, using horrifying images of corpses wrapped in white, laying […]

Midtown Merely Another Conquest for Walmart

Walking through Midtown Miami, passing charming little shops, art galleries and street performers, gazing admiringly at some of the urban artwork emblazoned on the sides of buildings, a man with a vision thought to himself, “You know what this place is missing, what would really tie the whole thing together into one cohesive, identifying geographical […]

Observations on Modern American Policing By a U.S. Veteran

A story rankled my ass today… A man (referring to an 18-year-old-boy) of Miami was tasered to death by Miami Beach Police the other day for running from law enforcement after spray-painting graffiti on a boarded up (abandoned) storefront. According to reports the chase continued for ten minutes, and upon capturing the tasered teenage high-school-boy, […]