10 Reasons Why You Should See Captain America: The Winter Soldier

10. It’s the best entry in the Marvel Studios’ repertoire since the original Iron Man 9. Scarlett Johansson 8. The Dark Knight‘s government surveillance allegory doesn’t hold a candle to this film 7. Best comic book sidekick- The Falcon 6. It’s a spy thriller at heart 5. The writing is superb 4. The Age of […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Contracted

Contracted (2013) Starring Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams and Alice MacDonald Written and Directed by Eric England Horror used to be fairly simple.  There was big-budget horror you could see in the theaters and low-budget horror you caught on video or on television.  With multiple mediums (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant, hundreds of channels on DirecTV, et […]

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — Review **SPOILER FREE**

When The Hunger Games was released last year it was as close to a sure hit as a film can get. The buzz surrounding the movie – and the franchise locked and loaded to follow – was immense. Jennifer Lawrence, who had turned heads with her muted performance in 2010’s Winter’s Bone and her flawless […]

Gravity Review **SPOILER FREE**

Gravity, the first feature film by the endlessly talented Alfonso Cuarón since his fantastic Children of Men (2006), is a dazzling display of directorial and cinematographic prowess on par with every scientifically influenced film this side of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. James Cameron has gone as far as to say that it’s “the […]

FILM REVIEW: Prisoners

There is a strange scene early in Prisoners, the English-language debut of French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (whose Oscar-nominated 2010 film Incendies was as shocking as it was heartbreaking): a close, static shot of a tree trunk. The scene’s presence is functionally unnecessary, considering the film’s 153-minute running time, and it adds zilch developmentally. Yet […]

Riddick Review **Spoiler-Free**

When Pitch Black hit theaters back in 2000, audiences were charmed by the modestly budgeted sci-fi film’s original setting, creative plot and inventive set pieces, many of which involved the unusually nasty and novel creatures that inhabited the planet the film took place on. More than anything, however, we were introduced to a budding new […]

The World’s End Review **Spoiler-Free**

All that begins well does not necessarily end as such. That sentence is multiply applicable to writer/director Edgar Wright and writer/star Simon Pegg’s final installment of their “Three Flavours Cornetto/Blood and Ice Cream trilogy,” The World’s End, an uneven comedy heavier on fun than on funny when compared to its preceding unofficial chapters, Shaun of […]

Kick-Ass 2 Review **Spoiler-Free**

While comic book fans everywhere awaited the highly anticipated release of the new Superman reboot, Man of Steel, I patiently awaited for the sequel to Kick-Ass. Why? Because I love writer Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr, the creators of Kick-Ass. I hold these comics to the same esteem as books like Watchmen or […]

Movie Review: Elysium

Taking its namesake from the ancient Greek concept of heaven, Elysium, South African sci-fi writer/director Neil Blomkamp’s second foray into feature film territory, is further evidence of a promising, burgeoning talent. Although it falls short of his first effort (the superlative District 9) in terms of overall “wow” factor, Elysium still showcases his certain knack […]

‘The Wolverine’ Review

(The reviewer wrote this article with the assumption that the reader has seen the standard trailer for the film – provided conveniently at the bottom of this review. If you have not seen the trailer and wish to be kept completely unaware, you have no business even being here in the first place, you crazy […]

Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks Review

Doctor Who Series 7 has been one big roller coaster ride. The first half of the season was a big let down, then the Christmas special aired and at best, was mediocre. Faster you could say, “well I’m going to give up on the show”  the second half aired and wow it became great again. […]

Pacific Rim Review

Though this post is devoid of any real spoilers, some details of the film are discussed in greater depth than what has been shown in previews. For moviegoers who wish to retain as much mystery as possible going into the picture, it is advised that they see the film first and come back afterwards to […]

Filmmakers Alex & Felix Alvarez Creators of Night Terrors

Tuffgnarl had the chance to sit and yap with two of Miami’s Independent filmmakers, Alex Alvarez and Felix Alvarez (no relation) of Odd Job Productions, about their latest release which has won Miami’s Indie Film Clubs ‘I’m not gonna move to L.A.’  award for their film Night Terrors. It’s nine minutes of “a horror project we’d been working on for […]

Manborg Review

Director Steven Kostanski’s Manborg is not only a tribute to 80’s VHS, sci-fi, action trash cinema. It is an inspiration to all no-budget film makers everywhere. The 72 minute film was shot on a mere budget of $1,000 Canadian dollars (yes you read that right) and was filmed over three years. One could call Kostanski’s film […]

World War Z Review

With a world-sweeping plot reminiscent of Steven Soderberg’s Contagion, an intense, kinetic pace tastefully interspersed with snappy dialogue, and a leading man, in Brad Pitt, up to the task of anchoring it all in the realm of suspended disbelief, World War Z may very well be the best modern zombie film yet to grace cinemas. […]