Clearwater’s Wolf-Face Bring Irreverent and Fun Punk Rock to Gramps


Take the Ramones’ attitude towards unison, blend in a little jangle pop with some agitprop ‘80s references and you might just be able to begin understanding and appreciating Clearwater’s most ardent Michael J. Fox fans, Wolf-Face. Yup, molding themselves after the 1985 Rod Daniel cult classic Teen Wolf, these four punkers, fed up with the rigidity of their former outfits, are more interested in keeping it fun regardless of neon-yellow gym shorts/ball-huggers and wolf mask gimmickry. Think Nobunny and you’ll get it. There’s a visual catch and a resonant je ne sais quoi that does not hamper the enjoyment of this band.

It might be a little tongue in cheek but anyone weaned on ‘90s pop punk knows there’s some artistry to this level of conceptualization. With tracks like “I Wanna Be A Homo(Sapien)” and “Pubes on My Face!” that can better illustrate their mission, you’d be remiss to skip on picking up a free download of their 2011 EP here. Then click here to purchase/stream their latest LP on Mooster Records.

Wolf-Face will be performing at Gramps tomorrow night with Sunshine State, catch them before they wizen up and peddle their basketball prowess to the rest of the nation. For those worried about the quad turning into a joke of itself and going the Teen Wolf Too route, worry not, apparently these guys have “convictions” regarding such nonsense.

Wolf-Face and Sunshine State at 8 pm on Friday, June 27 at Gramps, 176 NW 24th St Miami. Call 786-75-BOOZE or visit

Slider image courtesy the band’s Facebook page.

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