Clergy Men – Not A Lot (of Bad Things) To Say



Upon first hearing Long Beach, California’s Clergy Men, I was all “holy shit! I’m 18 all over again and I want to go break something…NOW!” That is the band’s self-titled release in a nutshell (stream below). No song goes on longer than 2:05. It’s 13 short, fast, and loud kicks in the balls. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but no, that doesn’t make it not good. This band is a punk band, and they don’t claim to be more, nor do they have to because they’re good at it.

It seems to me that they listened to the same ’80s hardcore records I love and own: 7Seconds, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Flipper; it’s very circle pit inducing. There’s a surprising amount of clarity in Johnny Rot’s vocals, which mostly evoke Darby Crash to me, and that’s a big plus. I’m sure if I saw them live, I wouldn’t know he was singing “No more bibles, no more prayer, no more God, no more sin” in the opening track which is my second favorite track on this release. For me, the blue ribbon goes to ““Meaningless”,” with its Greg Ginn-esque guitar riff and the refrain “This song is meaningless…” Yup, that’s EXACTLY what I needed to hear, seriously. I truly appreciate bands that do not take themselves seriously, and That song proved it to me; it’s not some proxy thing, I actually like this record. Stream it, pay a buck and download it so you can burn a CD copy for your car, get new bearings in that old skateboard and go work on finally nailing that ollie.

Make sure to check out Chuck Livid’s short, fast interview with the boys in Clergy Men here.

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