Comic Book/Anime Crossover Alert: Spider-Man Sticks it to the Titans

A fairly amazing thing was just announced on the internet, but first: A word about a fine cartoon.

Attack on Titan Banner -

(Photo Credit: Behind the Voice Actors)

For those not familiar with Hajime Isayama’s outstandingly brutal opus, Attack on Titan is the story of a world beset by gargantuan humanoid creatures called Titans. These beings, who appear suddenly to effectively drive humanity to the brink of extinction, are opposed by a standing military force cobbled together from what few men and women are capable of forming an offensive. To aid them in battle, this force uses a pneumatic tethering system (Vertical Maneuvering Gear) that allows a combatant soldier to fly through the air by attaching to nearby objects – including the Titans themselves!

You know what? It’s actually better if I just show you:

I know, right!?


If this premise alone doesn’t excite you, read no further because Marvel’s very own C.B.Cebulski just tweeted the following:

CB Cebluski

Oh, Japan, you’ve given us so much…


It looks like everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be bringing his brand of justice to the post-apocalypse and I, for one, could not be more excited!

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Slider Image courtesy of Hollywierd Cinema.

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