Comic Book Review: Star Wars #1


Star Wars #1
Jason Aaron, John Cassady, Laura Martin
Marvel Comics
January 14, 2015


I picked up Star Wars #1 by Marvel Comics reluctantly but was pleasantly surprised. Set in the Star Wars universe between Episodes IV (A New Hope) and V (The Empire Strikes Back), it’s an interesting addition to the stories that we all know and love.

Looks like C-3PO is up to his usual antics. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)
Looks like C-3PO is up to his usual antics. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)

Some galactic undertakings have happened in the last few years leading to the new Star Wars film, Episode VII, releasing at the end of this year. One of these is a new comic book series. In 2009, the Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment. This acquisition secured both Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. Next, in 2012, Disney acquired Lucasfilm.

Since then, Disney has been reacquiring its subsidiary’s original properties back from other companies. This has led to Marvel Comics reacquiring the rights to produce Star Wars comic books. They were the original publisher up until 1991, when Dark Horse Comics began to publish them and most importantly Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

As I mentioned earlier, the book picks up right after the events of A New Hope, where we find the Galactic Empire about to negotiate with Han, or, as he says, “The Official Emissary of his High Exaltedness, the Illustrious Jabba the Great, Mightiest of all Hutts, Master of Tatooine and Grand Warlord of the Outer Rim.”

Han, the official emissary of Jabba the Hutt. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)
Han, the official emissary of Jabba the Hutt. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)

At this point I immediately ceased being skeptical about this book. I kept skipping this book to read because for the life of me I couldn’t believe that I would find this at all interesting. After seeing the movies and knowing how the story ends, what could they possibly show you now that would be interesting?

But I was proven wrong many times over. Some of the scenes you get to see in issue #1 is Chewbacca with a sniper rifle, Darth Vader and his light saber in action, Luke and his light saber in action, a tie fighter factory, R2-D2 in action and a warning from good ol’ Obi-Wan as Luke runs into Vader!

A TIE fighter factory. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)
A TIE fighter factory. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)

I found the art and, to a specific extent the coloring of this book, perfect. To me it captures the feel of the movies: the drabness of Han, the look of Princess Leia, even to the shade of Luke’s original lightsaber.

And the other thing I loved was that you’re given a short preview to Darth Vader #1. In that short preview, I found myself wishing I had that book in my hands immediately. The preview takes place in Jabba’s palace. We see someone entering the giant blast doors that lead into Jabba’s palace and then Bib Fortuna, Jabba’s servant, waking Jabba in an allusion to Luke entering the palace just like in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. But when you see Vader standing there in all of his glory, you lose it. And then boom, the preview is over!

Darth Vader entering into the mix. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)
Darth Vader entering into the mix. (Photo credit: Marvel Comics)

In my opinion, I suggest you visit your local comic books shop and pick up a copy of this pronto or, if you have a Marvel account, you can purchase this online and read it on your computer, phone or tablet.


(Slider image credit: Marvel Comics)

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