Comic Book Review: The Tithe #1


TI001_covCsocialThe Tithe Review
Matt Hawkins Co-Creator and Writer
Rashan Ekedal Co-Creater Artist
Bill Farmer Colorist
April 15, 2015 

From the minds of Matt Hawkins and Rashan Ekedal comes The Tithe, a book about Robin Hood inspired thieves that rob corrupt churches and give the money to charities that need them, all while being hunted down by two persistent detectives. 

The story starts us off in a enormous church in the middle of their tithe collection as the charismatic preacher is preaching to his faithful. Under his nose, he is being robbed by thieves. This is where we get our first look at the costumes they wear: ceramic masks that resemble Jesus, thorn crown and all. After the heist, the two detectives who always seem to be a step behind the thieves show up to investigate.

Writer Matt Hawkins has taken a spin on a classic tale in a very interesting way and has done so beautifully. He has put a lot of time and work into this story and is shows. Characters are introduced in a very natural way. All of them seem in place when we meet them; no forced introductions no awkward scenarios. This is what I loved most: the flow of it all. It felt like a movie–a masterfully written script that sucks you in and takes you for a fun ride.

But what is a beautifully written comic without equally beautiful art? Not worth reading. Rashan Ekedal’s art, although uncomplicated, complimented the writing quite well. Character models all anatomically correct and consistent, backgrounds have detail and are not ignored and close up panels show great detail. You can tell he really took his time with it without trying to overdo it.

This book is highly recommended. Put out by a team that still cares for the comic industry, who aren’t in it just for the money or to draw a bigger audience to their next movie, Hawkins and Ekedal have produced a comic that makes for a great read. After the first issue, I assure you you’ll call your local comic shop and add it to your subscription. I know I did.

Main Cover for The Tithe


The Thieves storming the church

Thieves in action

Tithes being taken to the vault

Costumes of the Thieves


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