#Debauch2015 Interview: Party Flag

Party Flag is (L-R) Doug Cammarota, Justine Iukine, Chuck Loose and Jared Earl. (Photo by teajayphoto.) 

NOTE: This interview is part of a series of pre-show interviews leading up to TuffGnarl.com’s 2nd Annual Rock & Roll Debauch at Churchill’s Pub this Saturday, August 22.

With a name like Party Flag, you can’t take yourself too seriously. Comprised of guitarist Jared Earl (Gravetree, McFisty, Cabrini Green), bassist Doug Cammarota (FWA, After the War; currently also in Dodgy Scams), local favorite drummer Chuck Loose (The Crumbs, The Heatseekers, Chickenhead, Sandratz; currently also in Pre-Tenses) and vocalist Justine Iukine (Looka Looka Looka, The Jollyrogers), this Ft. Lauderdale headquartered outfit’s bare bones, fun-before-pretense approached to punk rock has garnered them a lot of positive attention in their first year playing together.

Although not currently signed to a label, the band has a cassette release coming out of Miami’s No Work Records and is moving northward through the state for the first time in September to play dates in St. Augustine (Sept. 4) and Orlando (Sept. 5).

You can catch them live this Saturday when they’ll retake the Churchill’s stage at TuffGnarl.com’s 2nd Annual Rock & Roll Debauch, where you can also pick up general merch stuff—t-shirts, koozies, stickers and other odds and ends.

TuffGnarl.com: Describe Party Flag using only breakfast cereal names.

Justine: Captain Crunch OOPS! All Berries because it was a terrible mistake that turned out to be pretty alright.

Chuck: Grape Nuts because it’s so fucking boring.

Doug: Uhhhh… Crispix….because….uhhhhh….

Jared: Cheerios. Cuz that’s my shit.

How and when did the band come into existence?
We used to drunkenly ride bicycles together and decided we should start the world’s greatest band. We later found Doug in the “casual encounters” section on Craigslist under “cat lovers.”

What’s the story behind the name, Party Flag?
We were originally going to be “Chorizo Negro,” but we decided that “Party Flag” better suited our lifestyles.

Tell me a little about your songwriting process. How does a typical song come together for you guys?
Jared usually workshops some riffs, then we present the riffs to Mickey the cat, who chooses them in the manner of Punxsutawney Phil deciding the weather on Groundhog Day. Mickey the cat also tells us what to write, lyrically, and how to dress. Just kidding, Justine writes the lyrics.

(L-R) Jared Earl and Justine Lukine onstage at Churchill's Pub. | Photo: Jim Hall

(L-R) Jared Earl and Justine Iukine onstage at Churchill’s Pub. | Photo: Jim Hall

What do you think is the hardest part about being a band playing original music these days? What do you think is the easiest?
There are many hard parts (like this D) including missing sleep so that we may pursue our artistic endeavors earnestly. And having to sit through Jared’s stories. HEEEEYYYYOOO. The easiest part is this D.

What do each of you do when not playing music, both as a “day job” and in your spare time?
Chuck collects cats and runs a serigraphy shop called Iron Forge Press in beautiful Wilton Manors, Florida. Jared enjoys malt liquor, cheap food, dry humping cheerleaders, and working at Iron Forge Press. Doug enjoys eating Falafel and riding BMX. Justine enjoys defacing pornographic magazines, drinking Tequila from the bottle, and making tasteless jokes.

Why should people come out this Saturday to Churchill’s?
People should only come out if they like fun. And what the fuck else are you doing on Saturday anyway? Like you have big plans!?!? You’re probably just going to sit at home with a pizza and Netflix. Come out and try living for once, you uncompromising assholes.

Where do you hope the band will be a year from now and what are you doing to get there? Are there any big things on the horizon for Party Flag?
In one year I hope we’re all dead. No, just kidding. We would like to go to Japan, play some fun shows, and put out some good records. Catch us at Churchill’s August 28, opening for Parasites and Pool Party at Kreepy Tiki on September 25 and opening for the Toasters on October 23.

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TuffGnarl.com’s 2nd Annual Rock & Roll Debauch is this Saturday, August 22 at Churchill’s Pub (5501 NE Second Ave, Miami, FL). The show starts at 7 p.m. Admission costs $8 at the door. Use the hashtag #Debauch2015 to follow or talk about this event on social media.


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